Well, it’s getting there

It’s almost completely healed 🙂 I gotta tell ya, I didn’t realise it would take this long. The doctor said 4-6 weeks! anyway it’s no problem, life goes on. I’ve now stopped seeing the district nurses, which is good, because that was becoming a pain in the ass.

I see people are finding this site through google etc.. and I just want to invite you anonymous people to ask me questions if you have any. I know from my experience that there isn’t a hell of a lot of information about this shit online. All questions remain anonymous.

Picture of current state here


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  1. 1 mv December 30, 2008 at 8:55 am

    Damn… No offense man but I think I got you beat. Mine was basically the same thing location-wise. IT was rIght between the anus and the scrotum, but to the left. I dont know when exactly I got it (I wanna say late ’07, but I noticed it after shaving down there (don’t ask). I chalked it up to just a calcium deposit or a possible hernia because it was just a hard mass. I also thought it was some kinda skin virus I picked up at the gym. Meanwhile I get all these brown hyperpigmented spots on my legs which my derm diagnoses as folliculitis.

    It really didn;t even bother me until May, when I woke up in excrutiating pain thinking I had stretched wrong. Couldn’t walk or sit. That’s when I first had it lanced, early June. The doctor then was just one guy, and let’s just say… ahem… he was a little too eager to put his finger up there first. Hintitty hint hint. Plus he had no help from any nurses. It was just one guy.

    He drains it, packs it, then sends me home to pack it and place a wick in it and take Epsom salt baths. Checked in with him twice after that. I decide that I wouldnt see him again even if it did. It was the worst pain ever, like applying freezing wart remover to your skin and then being scraped with glass.

    Needless to say, me being vigilant I check down there one day in September two weeks before my birthday, and feel another small lump forming, this time closer to the anus. I immediately make an appt. with a gastro doc, but he isn’t available for a week, so I take so Ciprofloxacin antibiotic I was originally prescribed for the folliculitis. I had like 3 pills of it left. Finally see the damn gastro doc, and the abscess is not palpable. The Cipro worked on the abscess, and I later find out Cipro was one of the drugs they typically prescribe for abscesses anyway! Geez! He tells me he can’t do anything except a sigmoidoscopy and we’re just gonna monitor it. I tell him I can feel it if I stand a certain way. No dice.

    Just my luck, it comes back a week after, so I go back to see him. “Oh, that’s an abscess alright.” Duh. Unfortunately, he now tells me he’s not a surgeon (Gee, thanks), and then by some weird twist of fate, or because of proximity to my house, tries to refer me to the same damn office the FIRST doctor works at, albeit a different partner whose name is also on the door! I swear God has a sick sense of humor. I say, “No. He’s cool and everything, but he didn;t do a culture and he was just one person doing the entire procedure. Makes no sense to keep going there if it;s gonna keep coming back. Can you refer me to someone at [unnamed] Hospital?” He says, “sure.” He also sends me to the blood lab to do tests for Crohns, which come back negative.

    Late September, a day right after my birthday, I have my appt with this new doc. He is cool, hetero, informative, but still only chooses to lance and drain it, because even tho it was a recurrence, it was his protocol to drain first and see how it behaves. In his eyes, I was a new case. Whatever, at least he’s honest and says I really have no control over it and it;s not a matter of hygiene. He also explains what a fistula is. He does the second incision (with TWO nurses helping, which is a relief) and drainage and sends me home with a gaping wound and so much gauze it felt like I was wearing a diaper.

    What ensued that same day was the worst day of my life this year. Earlier that morning on the way to the hospital, I had run over a teeny-tiny piece of wood chip on the road. I didn;t think much of it, but I did recall hear a pop, and apparently the puncture was enough to slowly deflate my back left tire. After the procedure, I head straight to Walgreens to buy some gauze. Come out and notice my tire is basically flat. Great. With this huge hole next to my ass there was no way I was gonna jack my car up, jump on the tire iron to loosen and kick the tires to put the spare on. No fucking way. I manage to get across the street to a Shell station only to find out there is no air pump. So I drive five mins. down the road to another Shell and thank goodness there is an air pump, but I also now need change. I go in, take money out of the ATM, and buy a Twix bar just to get change for the air pump.

    That lasts just enough to get me to another gas station 15 mins away, a BP this time, where I pump more air. From there I head straight to Discount Tire about 10 mins away and get my tires changed. Im telling you, sitting in the waiting room on those hard-ass chairs waiting for my car was no picnic. It takes a little over two hours. I finally head home, hurling expletives the whole ride home. I make a mental note that these abscesses seem to recur every 90 days or so.

    Like clockwork, the third one (yes again) happens first week of December. THis time it is not building under the same spot of skin, but instead right underneath the anus itself, frontside. I had been taking preparation H that week thinking it would help. Big mistake. Not only was the abscess sore, but now I can feel these random excruiating rectal spasms! I think the prep H made the pores down there real tight. I try to make an appointment, but new guy’s not available for 4 days, so I set the appointment and try and wait it out.

    That same day, I leave work early because the pain got so bad that I settled for another partner in his office, another cool, straight guy. He lances it, and says the pus just popped out fast and thatI did the right thing by not waiting. (GOod thing too, because that was the weekend of the Pacquiao fight and I was cheering). Because of its location he even first thinks it may be a thrombosed hemmorhoid. This time around the lancing was the worst pain ever because not only did he inject the “local anesthetic” twice, he has to cut right on the anus. He packs it, sends me home and says to check in with his partner (my original new guy) to followup since he knew my case by heart. In fact, on my records, he put “likely to develop fistula”.

    I have relief for about a week, then I feel more pus building exactly where the second recurrence happened. Even though it’s technically the 4th time, I still count it as the 3rd, only because I figured that it didn’t drain completely because of it’s location on the anus. Finally see the new original guy, and he agrees it’s a fistula and sets up surgery a week from then on Saturday. It was an exam under full anesthesia with possible fistulotomy. I’m thinking, “I should be okay for a week.”

    Not so.

    The swelling gets bigger than ever, only I don’t feel it because of the ibuprofen. That is until I look in the mirror . This thing is HUGE. Determined not to have any more incision/drainage, I poke the thing myself using a small knife, much to my relief, making only a pencil-tip sized hole to make it look like it happened naturally. Now I’m thinking GEEZ that was all I had to do? There was NO PAIN AT ALL.

    I squeeze it to the point where no more pus can come out, although it was still swollen. The swelling subsides in two days. In fact, I have relief all the way up to surgery day. I take sitz baths and I even call to make sure that that fact that “it had burst on its own” doesn’t cancel the fistulotomy. Apparently the fistula tract has to be “mature” or established before they can do anything about it, and if there’s pus still it can block the doctor’s from correctly finding the tract.

    I finally have my fistulotomy Sat. Dec 20th, preceded by a day of drinking just liquid, and a magnesium citrus drink. Checked in with my sister by 8am, checked out by 1:30pm once I could pee a little. Apparently, he found the primary opening on the inside, not too deep within the anus at all, and cut from there along the entire fistula tract. So now, I have this 3-inch shallow but gaping incision, basically along the fold of the skin where the left leg meets the groin. It’s baffling me to be honest, the fact that it looks like he cut from the anus to the groin, yet I haven’t torn my asshole after bowel movements, and am in very little pain at all. He must have used some electrocautery because there’s never been a lot of blood.

    Here we are ten days later. To my surprise I haven’t really have any pain or difficulty with bowel movements. It did take about 24 hours to be able to pee again. Although the incision is open, there’s not a lot of blood, just smelly brown pus that drains into the gauze. It’s slowly diminishing. I also had some random rectal spasming for 3 days, but since it was the holidays I was able to get 5 days off. I get the bright idea to put my computer on the floor and just type on my stomach until I’m healed.

    By now I consider myself an anal disease expert, and have my bathroom stocked with gauze and hurt-free medical tape. The hospital was nice enough to send me home with an actual bonafide sitz bath this time. In fact they recommend not using the bathtub because of how dirty it gets with soap scum. The only thing I’m confused about are the Epsom salts. Some people advise not to use them because they are irritant and can cause the wound to heal too fast, so I stopped. Have you heard this too?

    Needless to say, go to the doctor, people. I’m only 31 for crying out loud and this has happened. APparently, a fistulotomy corrects this 90% of the time, so hopefully I’m done with this thing once and for all. In retrospect, what I believe started this whole nightmare, is either I tore something down there from being an avid 5-days-a-week runner/martial arts practitioner with a low-fiber diet, or that I shaved down there and a hair follicle got infected.

  2. 2 painintheanus December 31, 2008 at 12:30 am

    Damn man, your story brings back memories for me 🙂

    I had a district nurse (male) who was a little to keen to look at my ass while it was healing.. I didn’t go back after that 😛

    It sounds like yours was in pretty much exactly the same place as mine.. inside the anus, but not particularly deep. I know what you mean about having this massive gaping wound and being suprised how little pain there is taking a dump. For the 2-3 days I held it in, I was expecting something reminiscent of a scene in Misery, but then it happened and it was a walk in the park.

    Bad luck about the tyre shit. You were very very wise to not attempt to fix it yourself lol. I remember a couple days after my surgery I was moving around a little too much and all this blood started pouring out my wound… got it on my sheets and everything. That only happened once, thankfully.

    You described it as the worst day of the year. I had quite a few of those experiences myself while going thru this bullshit. For instance, I passed my final driving test while holding in a gigantic dump, then went home, relieved myself, and spent the next 8 or so hours in bed wishing I was dead. The pain is like nothing else. To make matters worse, my cousin and uncle had just come over from Australia and they wanted to go out for dinner with my whole family… fuck I felt sorry for myself at that point.

    I don’t think I mentioned how much puss I was squeezing out of mine before the surgery. My god man.. I think I took some pictures of the tissues in my rubbish bin because it was so ridiculous. It relieved a lot of the pain in the week leading up to the surgery. The antibiotics only started working the day or 2 before the surgery heh..

    I don’t know anything about Epsom salts, I was just taking a bath with regular table salt (as advised by the nurses). The nurses have told me many times how its bad for the wound to heal too fast, and have had to use this silver stuff (which has a slight sting) to slow down the healing.

    I’m not sure what the hell caused mine, but I have shaven down there in the past 🙂

    Thanks for posting your experience.

  3. 3 mv December 31, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Thanks for posting yours.

    Oh yea, I forgot to mention all the fire trucks and freight trains that were holding up traffic on my way to Discount Tire. They were the reason I had to stop by the second gas station. I tell you, one of the worst days of my life by far.

    Yea, at my followup appointment with the new guy (first procedure), he poked around the wound to see if it was “tracking in” somewhere. It didn’t, but that’s when he put silver nitrate in mine as well. It hurt like a bitch. And it was all in vain because the abscess came back anyway 90 days later, verifying a fistula.

    Supposedly a fistulotomy cures this problem 90% of the time. So I think we’re home-free. I’ve been wanting to get a new job but have to put that on hold for 3 months to make sure it’s healed once and for all. Thank goodness for health insurance or we’d be royally screwed!

    You say you passed your driving test. Do you mean you’re in high school? Seems way young to be having something like this. To make the BMs easier I was advised to take stool softeners, lots of water, and fiber, along with the sitz baths.

    Truthfully, I think we were screwed from the very first incision/drainage. I think it was there too long already that it didn’t matter what we did, it was going to eventually need surgery. My mistake was I waited, thinking it was just a calcium deposit or a hernia. It didn’t even start hurting the first 2-3 months.

    I really believe it’s fixed now; I’m tired of going to freakin Walgreens! Were you experiencing rectal spasms after the surgery as well?

  4. 4 painintheanus January 2, 2009 at 3:52 am

    Yeh that silver nitrate stings pretty bad lol.

    My health insurance covered 80% of everything, I’d have been completely screwed without it.

    I’m not in high school, I’m just a late adopter of modern transportation 🙂 I’m in my 20s.

    I never had a first incision or drainage.. the first time a knife went anywhere near me was for the final surgery. I was screwed by my own failure to get shit seen to earlier 🙂 You waited 2-3 months without pain, I probably waited 2 months with intermittent horrible suffering 😛

    I think we’re in the clear.. and by the sounds of it, quite lucky. My doctor told me about one of his patients requiring 8 surgeries, and it still not being fixed. Apparently it was a real deep one… God.. I really feel bad for that guy.

    I think I may have had a spasm or two, if by that you mean something like a sudden clenching of muscles..

    I’m just happy to be able to shit without being forced to lay down in bed in agony for hours after.. fuck that was no way to live lol 🙂

  5. 5 mv January 4, 2009 at 7:41 am

    You’re luckier than I was… I read somewhere that some doctors just choose the fistulotomy as an initial treatment no matter what, even if there’s just abscess. All my docs were the ones who cut/drain the abscess first then wait and see if it comes back. Three times I had to deal with the painful lidocaine injections and ensuing slicing open of the abscess. I curled up my finger and bit down on it each agonizing time!

    Happy new year bro. To healed asses! LOL

  6. 6 Don January 19, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    I have been doing alot of research online like you did, and come to the conclusion that i am also dealing with either a fissure or a fistula. Basically my symptoms are during the day i feel almost 100% normal. After i take a shit, no matter how much i wipe more shit shows up an hour later it seems. This is the worst part about the whole thing because during that time it burns my rear until it is clean down there. During that time, it is worse walking or it seems anything that causes my rear to tighten (stairs / lifting etc). I’m usually feeling much relieved when i’m sitting down. Occasionally there is some bright red streaks or specks on the TP when wiping, but only seems to show up if i wipe ALOT. One time after a long walk after a BM i had a yellowish/brownish/pinkish burning discharge that was pretty painful. That was when i started suspecting this was something besides hemmorhoids. Anyhow – after maybe 4-6 hours the whole brown/shit discharge thing stops and i feel good again. So like you i’ve also been trying to have my BM at night before bed so that i’m ok the next day for work.

    Does this sound like what you had? I’ve never really had the big lumps and the discharge is always shit brown, never really been green or anything.

    I saw my GP a few months ago about this and he gave me a prescription for some steroid cream which didn’t really do much.

    I’m booking an appt with him again today planning to tell him i think it’s either a fissure or a fistula (will have to go through him to get a referral to a specialist).

  7. 7 painintheanus January 20, 2009 at 10:55 am

    Don, that definitely sounds like an abscess or fistula.

    An abscess would account for the “leakage”, because the swelling around it doesn’t allow the ring to close properly. I was experiencing the same shit before I got my problem fixed.

    It’s probably still an abscess at this stage, as a fistula will create an opening on the surface.. and you’d probably notice it as a pimple that doesn’t go away.

    The bright red blood is a good sign, believe it or not, because it means the “wound” is shallow, rather than it being deep inside where you would get dark red blood.

    Hemmorhoids are supposed to heal by themselves quite quickly, so I doubt it’s that.

    See the GP again and absolutely insist he take your symptoms more seriously. My GP assumed I had hemorrhoids, and I had to go through 2 extra weeks of agony for his poor assumption. Do what you said and get him to recommend you to a private doctor who specialises in the bowel/rectal department.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes

  8. 8 fistula_in_ano April 16, 2009 at 9:23 am

    thanks a lot dude for the blog! I had a fistula right under my tail bone and about an inch from the anus. It had been there for about a year..including the evolution from abscess to fistula. Finally, I thought I had enough and went for a surgery a couple of weeks back. To my surprise there was not much pain after the surgery. A nurse did the dressing for just about 10 days. I have been feeling a lot better now and your blog has helped me a lot in understanding the recovery phase. Special thanks for the pics!

  9. 9 fistula_in_ano April 16, 2009 at 9:38 am

    I forgot to tell you something I wanted to share with you…When last visited my GP, she told me there was no need to go for the dressing change anymore and that the only thing I should take care is not to get constipated! “Constipation is your enemy!” she said.

  10. 10 Jacin May 14, 2009 at 2:15 am

    I was just diagnosed with Fistula. I have an appointment in a few days so the Rectal Clinic can take a look. I also get these weird bumps around my ass, my crotch & the left side of my penis. I first started getting bumps a month ago. Applied some over the counter anti-bacterial cream. All of a sudden, I got this painful this near my asshole (Fistula). Its in the early stages & I hope I don’t need surgery. Oh yeah, & on top of all of that, I am still looking for a job in this shitty economy era. BOY, life can’t get any better huh guys?!

  11. 11 painintheanus May 14, 2009 at 4:56 am

    Tis a rather shitty situation to be in, Jacin. Good luck, and please, let us know what happens!

  12. 12 AD May 17, 2009 at 2:52 am

    I have been dealing with this problem for almost 2 years now. When I first noticed the problem, I went to the local emergency room and they doctor told me that I had hemmorroids – which I knew wasn’t right because I kind of knew what the symptons of hemmorroids were. I was having this bloody discharge and this puss-like shit coming out of my ass. I was in so much pain. I barely got any of sleep. The doctor prescribed me some suppositors to put up my ass and some cream to numb the area before any bowel movements. IT DIDN’T WORK!! Needless to say, I pleaded with my primary care doctor to refer me to a proctologist and he diagnosed an anal fistula. He scheduled me for surgery within 2 weeks to have a fistulectomy. I had the procedure done and it’s only been 1 week and 2 days now since I had the procedure. Already I am feeling so much better. When I got home I looked in the mirror at the surgery and it was so freaking scary. I really didn’t know what to think. But now since I have read some of your comments left on this site, I can breath a sigh of relief. Man I was in so much pain before this procedure that it was pitiful. I was very withdrawn from friends and social gatherings. I didn’t want to do nothing but just lay around. But like I said, even after a week later, I’m feeling so much better and I can truly it helped. I thought that when I had my first bowel movement that I would literally pass out, but I wasn’t bad at all. I do my 3 sitz baths a day – and after every bowel movement to help relief the discomfort. This fistula had taken my joy away from me – but now I hope it heals properly so that I can get back to being myself again. There is a big ugly hole near my anus. I hope it will not leave an ugly mark by my ass hole. But thanks for sharing your story with me and I hope that my store help someone too.

  13. 13 painintheanus May 20, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    AD, it really is terrifying seeing the wound in the mirror for the first time isn’t it 🙂 I can remember I felt like a wound that large shouldnt be left open, and that any wrong move I made could result in a pool of blood… But as I’m sure you’ll agree, the doctor’s logic is solid. The wound must heal from the inside out to eliminate the chances of a tract forming 🙂 It’s really quite amazing.

    2 years is a long time man.. I bet that massive open wound is significantly more preferable to the fistula right now hehe. After I had my surgery, one of the nurses told me that her husbands brother left his for 10 years. 10 years!!!!!

    I got the suppositories too.. putting them in was awful because it would just irrirate the abscess/fistula.. and seriously, who designs those things? The ones I had were nice and smooth on the insertion end, but jagged and rough at the other end… and it’s not like the thing just goes in straight and stays stright, it goes in and then turns on its side, and it really hurt!

    After all this time, I must report that the scar is rather ugly looking, and I might be in trouble if I ever wanted to do bumhole modeling or something 🙂 One benefit of not having stiches to close the wound is that the scar is quite flat and uniform..

    Thanks so much for sharing and good luck with the healing! Let us know how things are going in a couple weeks 🙂

  14. 14 mv May 28, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Hey have any of you guys been dealing with weird hyperpigmented spots on your trunk and thighs while going thru this? They would start out as just flat red spots underneath my skin and then turn into brown scars. No itching, nothing.

    I even went as far as asking if it looked like an STD. My dermatologist didn’t seem to be worried about them and neither did the doctor who performed my surgery. He said it wasn’t really a rash, more like just a hyperpigmentation. All I know is that once I had the fistulotomy, the spots stopped appearing. But the scars take forever to disappear. I’m going on a year now! Not to get too graphic, but do you think it had to do with minute pieces of feces entering the bloodstream while I still had my fistula?

  15. 15 zr June 20, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    Hi guys, thanks so much for your information. It really helped me to finally get treatment for my anal fistula, which I have had for…about 20 years. Yes, that is right, 2 decades!
    Mind you, it was not nearly as painful as you guys describe it to be, except that in the last 6 months I started to get extra holes and it became much more uncomfortable…to the point that I actually had to get surgery done. I did my surgery June 9 and it was successful. The cuts are really deep (according to my wife who is brave enough to look). But I don’t seem to have any trouble sitting down and walking and doing normal activities. Hell, I am even tempted to go jogging, but am resisting until a few more weeks. Feel free to ask about my condition and how I survived so long with it. It must be a record!

  16. 16 painintheanus July 1, 2009 at 3:29 am

    Congrats zr, and I’m happy to hear that our stories were beneficial to you.

    If you weren’t in great pain as MV and I were, then what other problems was the fistula causing for 20 years?

  17. 17 Naz August 17, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    These shooting rectum pains started on June 15th and today is August 17th. Within these past 2 months I went from thinking I was having hemorrhoids to now knowing I have an anal abscess right on my inner butt cheek. I had my abscess incision 2 weeks ago at a hospital, and then it reemerged again (though not as big or painful as the first time). So 3 days ago I went to another hospital and had another incision to drain the abscess. But this time the doctor did a better job by packing the wound and letting it heal from the inside out. The doctor also suspected I had a fistula and wanted me to follow up with my doctor to get it checked out.

    I know feel great, but the fact that I have a fistula is making me uneasy. College starts in a week and I can’t afford to miss a whole semester just so I can get fistula surgery and then recover from it. But I have one major sign of a fistula which is that whenever I pass gas it sometimes passes through my abscess. Actually, to be honest I am waiting for an official diagnosis of a fistula even though I have the feeling I already have one.

    I feel great right now after the second drainage of my abscess, and I don’t want to go through another painful procedure and be on my ass like I have been this whole summer. However, I might just have to face the facts, man up, and get my abscess/fistula completely taken care.

    Thanks for reading


    (PS: I am 20 years old and entering my 3rd year of college)

  18. 18 twice operated on the same spot November 9, 2009 at 4:28 am

    Hi painintheanus, AD, and to everyone

    I don’t know how it happened to me! And I was so sorry for myself that all I can google are pre and post operations, but the real story of real people on how to take care of the wound and the assurance of a better life was very scarce. May I suggest before I tell my story, please put some “search-able” terms that will direct the search engine to this blog. If I only read your blog first thing late July, I might have experienced lesser pain, emotionally and so on.

    I was thinking of blogging my experience, but I was too emotionally down that I won’t even want to think of what I am going through. But, I am now on the track just like AD, so I thought of commenting in your blog instead. This will be more productive and helpful to other sufferers of this kind of pain and wound, if the story is found in just one blog.

    Going back to my experience.

    I don’t know if it’s because of some fiber grains that I used to drink with water; some diet tea that makes you rush to the toilet; or something I ate; or if it’s stress related due to work.

    But it was late July 2009 when I felt muscle pains near my anus and thought it’s just normal after riding a gym bike for more than 30 minutes, that’s my first in 10 years or so, because I felt I need to exercise. I got this anal ache, muscle ache like pain the next day. I continued my exercise at home and never returned to the gym.

    After 3 days, the pain in my ass gets worse and I felt a small bump on the area where it is most painful.

    I thought it was an abscess, and like Don, I searched in the Internet. Though the symptoms were the same on perianal abscess and fistula in ano, I hesitated to see a doctor, I don’t want anyone seeing my butt. It’s definitely not fissures because there is nothing wrong with the anus. There was a bump beside the ass hole.

    But when stubbing pain hits you in the ass, you will never think twice to see a doctor. So, I finally went to the ER and was given some ointment, because I told her that I am allergic to an unrecalled antibiotic.

    I think after a day, it was getting more painful than ever. I don’t know how to position myself because whether I sit, I lie on my back or stomach, it still hurts. I tried also to sit on my leg, but I can’t last that long.

    I can’t sleep very well. And there was excruciating pain during toilet time.

    I even have spasms on the first 2 seconds when urinating that gave me phobia. It takes me more than 5 minutes or so before I get to continue urinating, then it starts to spasm again. My urine was dark yellow already because every time I finished urinating, I don’t feel satisfied, it’s like I still need to pee, but I was too scared that if I pressure my kidney, my anus will have spasms again.

    So, the next day, I went to look for my previous doctor, but my health coordinator suggested that I see a private surgeon, which is a door next to her clinic.

    The doctor was a guy and kind. I was in pain which I never felt in my entire life. (Is this how women suffer labor pains?).

    Yes, just like everyone else, the Doctor was trying to prescribed me some antibiotics and told me to wait until the abscess bursts naturally, but I told him, “Doctor, I can’t even manage to sit straight or stand up, going home is not an option.”

    So, he sent me to ER and I was checked up by some residents and inserted an IV. And I was brought to the hospital private room.

    It took me two more days in my private room before I was finally brought to the OR.

    Last August, I finally had my perianal abscess drained and the incision looked like that half of yours.

    I though I would die of pain from the anesthesia because the night before the op, the anesthesiologist prep me about injecting anesthesia in my spinal cord. I was thinking more of the needle than what she said.

    She’s right, I forgot all about it after the operation. I just remember that they were putting some plates at my back, then I woke up shivering and I was under an electronic blanket. I felt I had high fever then that I asked the nurse to hold my hands. When I think about it, I kinda felt lonely. But the nurse was too generous to give her hand. After the shivering of my whole body stop, about 30 minutes or so, I was brought back to my private room.

    There’s no sitz bath, but the resident doctor dresses my wound with gauze after injecting the open wound with betadine twice a day. There was no needle but it still hurts! I lie on my stomach whenever he does that. It was painful whenever the dressing is pulled off. My doctor checked it. He immediately pulled the gauze and it was more painful, but it’s better than pulling it off gently. I stayed for about 4 days in the hospital due to fever.

    I went home and I thought I was getting well. I need not dress my wound nor have a sitz bath, but I have to inject the wound with betadine. I am not use to exercise that’s why after doing such cleaning, I had back and neck pains.

    I went back and forth to the my doctor until finally late October this year, he gave me antibiotics for a week due to another small bump that burst whenever I defecate.

    Unfortunately here comes the recurrent perianal abscess which can lead to fistula-in-ano.

    I went back, but he was out of the country, so, his substitute doctor gave me two sets of antibiotics for another week because the same area still inflate a little and bursts in toilet when I wash my butt. But later in the afternoon, it bursts and I seen a lot of blood when I dried it with a tissue. I thought it was just moist. So, I go to ER again, and I was given two options, whether I stay in the hospital or use my antibiotics at home and return if it will still be painful.

    I went back to the substitute doctor after a week and she said I can go to work. But I told her that I still feel the pain.

    Based on her findings, the abscess seemed healed already at surgical stand point. But she has felt something inside my anus so I should return when the Doctor arrives if I want it to be checked thoroughly!

    Imagine! She doesn’t want to lie that’s why she doesn’t want to give me a certificate for extra leave til my doctor returns!

    So, I went to work and I never had a day without pain and discomfort.

    Finally, when I can’t endure the pain from prolong sitting, I went home. I went to a different doctor because my first doctor went abroad then. I don’t want to see the she-doctor anymore.

    The new doctor from another hospital clinic examined my anus and suggested that I undergo proctoscopy and possible fistulectomy. The doctor was nice and told me my original doctor was his senior.

    When my doctor returned he saw me and told me to return on Wednesday.

    When I returned, he checked the area and saw another bump/boil and pierced it. I was shocked and it’s a little painful. Then, he asked me the date I preferred the surgery done.

    I told him a.s.a.p.

    So, I went in the hospital later in the evening. The next day, I had my IV, my bp taken, and allergy test for the antibiotic, etc.

    The prep was almost the same as my first. But now, I just fell sleep when they were about to lay me on my stomach on the operating bed. This time, I woke up still under the effect of anesthesia from waist down.

    It’s not true, or in someways that you’ll feel numb. I feel my bones as if it was covered or lying on a water bed. I can’t move my legs way down to my toes. It took more than 6 hours before I finally feel my toes. I was prep by the assistant anesthesiologist about this, but I never thought how tiring it is to be unable to move from waist below and feeling that kind of numbness. I tried to walk but I almost fell to the floor when my toes were still numbed. So, don’t push yourselves, ask someone to help you instead.

    I have a normal diet. I was advised to drink plenty of water and eat more proteins to help in healing my wound. I was given pain relievers and antibiotic.

    I hope mv doesn’t mind that I will compose my story after his comment and make some changes because we almost have the same experience.

    I went to the toilet later in the evening to defaecate, but it was very painful like it was my first time to have a matured perianal abscess. The blood was dripping too, but the resident doctor said, it’s normal. He also described to me what they did to my wound. It was a little big and deep within the anus and cut from there along the entire fistula tract. So now, I think I have a deep gaping incision, basically along the fold of the skin a centimeter near my asshole.

    Although the incision was left open, there’s not a lot of blood, just smelly light brown pus that moist my butt. It’s slowly diminishing. I also had some random rectal spasm for 3 days, especially when I take a pee, and sometimes I wake up startled in pain because of the involuntary anal spasm.

    Since it was weekend and holiday I remained in the hospital for 5 days.

    My cheeks were getting red and dry, perhaps due to the aircon. Some part of my skin on my shoulders and arms was getting dry too and felt thick like white heads. I told the nurse about it and I think they forgot to tell that to my doctor, and so do I.

    I went home. My doctor advised to stop my take home antibiotics prescription because I told him over the phone that I got rash on my cheeks and rushes like blots on some parts of my shoulder. He said I can continue my pain relievers.

    I was not advised about salts, just hot water on a tub, put the rubber donut where I have to sit for 15 minutes. I was not advised on what not about the wound to heal too fast or slow, I was just told that the wound should not be dressed, and I can wash my butt with soap and water.

    I had hot sitz bath continued in the house twice for two days. I sit on a rubber donut.

    I am not comfortable to sit down these past few days, so I usually rest on my bed lying on my back. I sometimes don’t know how to position my legs because it’s uncomfortable whether to stretch them or even on fetal position. I feel my wound inside my butt. But I have a good sleep and nice dream.

    I tried to walk outside the house, but after 3 minutes, it was again painful, burning sensation.

    Here I am, six days later. I can hardly sit because of some pain.

    I also masturbate regularly or sometimes more because I felt I need to release some pressure there. I just went to my doctor and he said, it’s okay for my case. I forgot to ask the frequency that is okay.

    He also said, I just need to wash with soap and water if it’s itchy. No need for medicine. But if it’s painful, I can take pain relievers once a day. I can also take hot sitz bath a day. I can’t work yet because I can’t sit that long, I feel some pressure that causes the pain. The wound is deep as it was a perianal abscess that turned to fistula in ano.

    I’ll return to my doctor for check up as soon as there is something wrong. I tell you about it as soon as I can.

    Thank God for all of you and always pray.

  19. 19 mv November 10, 2009 at 5:57 am

    Hey twiceoperated, no need for apologies. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but I must admit it’s encouraging to hear from someone else that theirs might have been caused by exercise too, and that our respective disease pathologies seemed to follow the same course from abscess to fistula. I do remember first discovering the lump between my legs while I was at the gym.

    The importance of this? Well, when all this was happening to me, I went online and discovered that some hardcore bodybuilders get perianal abscesses due to giving themselves steroid injections down there! Can you believe it? They actually inject themselves on their ass deliberately. I stopped going to the gym after I learned this, because abscesses are also contagious via direct skin contact and pus on toilet seats and who knows who was riding on the stationary bike before me, you know?

    That’s another thing: I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out the cause of it. Did I shave with a rusty razor? Did I get this from the hot tub at the gym? Do I have a staph infection or diabetes? Is it because of stress? Why didn’t the first doctor do a culture? All these thoughts were racing through my head. I was so paranoid that I even thought about getting an HIV test after reading how recurrent perianal abscesses can be caused by that too. But then my doctor (who is also the surgeon who operated on me) reassured me that I didn’t have any of the risk factors for it, and that nothing, not even the hyperpigmentation on my legs and waist, was indicative of HIV. He simply told me that it is an abscess likely to become a fistula, and that nobody really has any control over it, that it has nothing to do with hygiene, and that it can happen to anybody, regardless of age.

    Your story brings back memories because I also remember it being extremely difficult and painful to pee when I had this, especially after the second incision/drainage. Come to think of it, the fistula tract ran pretty much parallel to the urinary tract and seemed to obstruct my urinary flow. To everyone else lucky enough to have avoided this aspect of it: Imagine your anal sphincter, urinary tract, and bladder constricting simultaneously while you’re trying to pee. It’s unbelievably painful because you’re trying to empty your bladder, but the random spasming causes you to urinate in short spurts. LOL it was like that bathroom/microphone scene in The Naked Gun part 1.

    I thought I was having trouble peeing because of the saw palmetto and preparation H that I was taking (which I don’t recommended by the way). Once again, it was already painful, but trying to diagnose and treat myself just made the pain worse.

    It rendered me unable to even walk, let alone be intimate with my girlfriend. So much so that we sometimes went 2 or 3 months without sex! I must say there was significantly less throbbing pain there after each climax. So please, don’t be ashamed about your needing to relieve yourself. We do what we must.

    The only main difference I see from our pathologies is that you mention the she-doctor felt something probing within the anus. None of my doctors were able to find anything that way. My fistula was actually pretty close to the surface of the skin and I believe my surgery was successful because of that fact. That said, I’m surprised they never mentioned epsom salts with your sitz bath. Soap is acidic and can cause the wound to heal too fast.

    When you say rubber donuts, do you mean those things they give people for hemorrhoids? I can’t imagine those being very comfortable or useful; they’re too small. If you’re interested, the one they gave me at the hospital looks exactly like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Invacare-80103-3-Sitz-Bath/dp/B000EJGD0I

    I believe I also saw one at Walgreens.

    It’s got a cutoff valve so that you can control the temperature of the water. Before this I used to just sit in the bathtub but was advised against this due to further contamination by soap scum, etc. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world either, but while using this one I would put a very small amount of epsom salt (like 2 teaspoons) in the basin and sit for 15-20 mins after each bowel movement. I would also place a small folded strip of gauze along the inside the wound so that it heals from the inside out. That, plus keeping off my ass for a week after surgery seems to have done the trick. I’m coming up on a year since my surgery. The random rectal spasming goes away after a few days too.

  20. 20 twice operated on the same spot November 10, 2009 at 11:53 am

    Just to add from my previous comment, almost everytime there was pain and I rush to the my doctor and other doctors, they insert their finger in my ass and I went home more hurt because of that. Imagine, it has a recurring perianal abscess. But the insertion is needed to probe if there’s are holes around also, and this insertion squeezes the puss if there’s any.

    Last October before my second surgery, early morning, I was given an enema by my nurse too. It’s a bottle with pointed tip that was inserted in my asshole. It hurts a little. Twice it was given with few hours interval. She said to wait for about 30 minutes, but in just 3 minutes, I went rushing to the toilet.

    After the operation, I had incontinence farting, it was until yesterday that it becomes less. The vibration of the fart hurts.

    My whole butt was plastered with a thin plastic and the part that was operated, with gauze. I got to pee after the numbness of my toes disappeared. Caution, don’t attempt to stand on your own while you still feel numb, even if you think you can walk. You might fall. I almost fell when I attempted.

    And mv, yes it really hurts, very painful to pee because of the anal spasms. I would need to stand up for a while infront of the toilet just so I could slowly, carefully, let go of my urine, telling myself not to think of the spasm, but then again, to no avail, the higher the strength of spasm will be. OUCH!! I remember shouting to my brother angrily because I was almost 5 minutes standing in our rest room and trying to concentrate, when he obviously startled me asking when I will come out, I got a big anal spasm!

    Late that night, I felt defaecating. I had once been operated there, so I know that the plaster would not be painful but rather the gauze. So, I took off the plaster first clockwise, from the edge up. When it seemed that the only thing sticking in my ass, was the gauze, I went to the rest room and positioned my butt on the hot and cold faucet and let the gauze soaked. When I felt it’s soaked enough, I sat on the toilet bowl and let the gravity does its works, of course I was holding on to the gauze to make sure that there’s less pain.

    Everyday, the resident doctor visits me and he once said that healing would take around 6 months. I pray I would heal sooner and won’t have recurrence.

    I asked my doctor yesterday if I need sitz bath. He said, no need for that. When I asked again before I left his clinic, he said I can have one at most per day.

    Yes, I read online that paper medicine strips are being placed inside the wound, and sometimes medicine thread are inserted to the holes and tide. But, I didn’t ask my doctor. I was so hesistant to ask, because if it helps, he would have advised that. I don’t know about the soap, but the itchiness seems to stop. I use a bioderm soap and a running water from the faucet. Is a mild soap better?

    Isoprophyl alcohol makes my wound and asshole itchy. When I feel that it starts to moists down there, I tried to wipe my ass with a tissue dampened with some drops of alcohol , afterwhich it becomes so itchy. So I wash again with mild soap and water.

    When I went home after visiting my Doctor yesterday, I had pains in my butt, perhaps because of the travel and walk.

    This morning it was ok, much more, after bathing and a hot sitz bath.

    When in pain, I defeacate, then wash with bioderm soap and water, then it subsides a little.

    And now, it really helps and it is comforting that you replied.

    Thank God and God bless!

  21. 21 painintheanus November 23, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Hi ‘twice operated on’. I have cleaned up your posts and removed the older duplicates.

    You’ve been through quite the ordeal haven’t you? I’m glad to hear you’re being looked after on a daily basis and that you’re on the road to recovery.

    My wound took a very long time to look even remotely normal again, but it didn’t take me me too long before I could go about my business. I was careful to go to the toilet only before or after work, and If I had to go at work I would ask to go home so that I could have a bath afterwards, and then come back. It sounds like yours may take a bit longer to heal than mine did, but with all the pain and torment you’ve been through, i’m sure it’s easy to look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I did not experiences these spasms regularly as you and MV did, and for that I suppose I should be very grateful, because it sounds terrible. Perhaps it has something to do with the complications of a second procedure. I put off seeing a doctor for so long that by the time it was to be operated on it had already turned into a fistula, so I’m wondering if that actually made it easier for the doctor to fix it. I had to put up with a lot of pain because of my shame and embarrassment. I’m a pretty shy person to begin with, so you can imagine how much I would have wanted to avoid having another man examine my anus.

    I can’t believe you had to have a spinal tap for anesthesia, that is awful! I was lucky enough to have it injected through a vein in my hand. Also it is funny what you said about the nurse holding your hand. I remember when I awoke from the anesthesia there was a very cute nurse smiling at me and all of the doctors/nurses were very gentle and kind. It makes a big difference to be comforted like that.

    What MV says about the soap is true. From what I understand, you should not be using anything acidic. I was specifically told not to use Savalon oil, and to use regular table salt instead. Also, I was advised by my doctor that the donut cushion was bad for this type of operation, because it makes it harder for the blood to flow to the area. You may wish to do some research on these two topics, it could be that you have been given some bad advice.

    I wish I knew how to make this blog easier to find through search terms, because like you say, it’s very important and comforting to hear about other peoples’ experiences when you’re in this situation. The only reason I started this blog was to help people in a similar situation, and I’m so glad I did. I’m also very grateful that you guys have taken the time to share your own experiences.

    Keep us posted on your progress, and feel free to ask any questions you have.

  22. 22 george p January 29, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    It’s great to know that this site exist. It brings to my mind that i’m not alone in this kind of horrible experience.
    I may call myself a lucky person to work overseas (with high paying job and with medical insurance) after a surgery for gallbladder stones which I had for two painful years due to misdiagnosis.
    After two years away from from original home and continuing to work without a family by my side, I was knocked off by this sudden surge of muscle spasms. Now this time, I felt I’m so unlucky again.
    I thought at first it was my hemmoroid flaring up so i bought over-the-counter hemmoroidal creams but to no avail these didn’t give me results. I didn’t have good rest but only pure pain in the butt. I was afraid to undergo another operation again so I hanged on to home remedies (which I now regretted).
    One day, I was in the office when I had a very high fever, really painful butt cheek and I chilled so I was brought to the ER and a doctor inspected by bum. He said it’s not the hemmoroids that’s causing the chills but infected glands called abscesses. Honestly, it was the first time i heard it.
    That same day, thanks to the insurance approval, I was operated and went home after 24 hours. I may say I experienced a massive depression. For one, side-effects of the anti-biotics, then I was alone in my flat (friends were also busy in their day jobs), and of course, all I can connect to my family is through cellphone or chat messengers. They are miles away from my host country. It was like I was trapped in an island helpless.
    I went to the doctor for follow up but after two weeks he saw another abscess and drained it in his office with just local anesthesia. Went home with a heavy heart since I need to prolong my office leave due to this new one which will end up as a chronic wound and soon become the dreaded fistula. just 5cm from the anus. This time I was really scared. The first one healed but the new one is stubborn.
    I shed tears of course esp during Christmas day..stopped joining my photography social circle’s outdoor and indoor shooting activities, spent my time playing video games but got bored.
    I was devastated to the point I was thinking of what I did I do deserve this. I felt I am so unlucky after all. First, the gallbladder stone then this…arrggh!
    Went back to work still with pain and have numerous doctor follow up.
    My doctor assured me it will not become a fistula but when it became chronic he asked me to have xray. He also told me to continue my sitz bath with dettol green (which is dangerous to the wound as i found out when not diluted correctly).
    I had Xray test and the result says that I have 2 fistulous tract but it has no internal connection. But one thing I observed was that there’s also a painful lump in my groin.
    My 1st doctor referred me to a specialist (same hospital) as he honestly told me he is out of control and can’t do things in his own way and no experience on fistulas.
    The new doctor, a proctologist, gave me Flagyl and Cipro on the first course and went back after 10 days and gave me another Antibiotic plus anti-inflammatory med for groin swelling for the 2nd course. He said surgery is the last option and he don’t want me to undergo surgery yet since it was barely 1 month and half since my first abscess surgery in Dec 2.
    Tell you, Flagyl is really agonizing and taste is awful. and I had ringing on my ears and itchiness too..though I suffered less bouts of depression compared to the first antibiotics given to me. I was hopeful it will help me.
    The wound continued to drain until one day, I was working in the office when I felt something wet in my groin,. I thought it was spillage from my wound but I found out that a wound burst in my groin lump. I was devastated of course.
    Now, after few days, the groin lump became smaller but the ugly thing is that there’s a “fistula” kind of wound, draining pus… Now I HAVE TWO WOUNDS. 3 wounds in a span of 2 months.

    THe new doctor, after learning the meds can’t help, ordered another xray test… which I will make an appointment this week.

    One thing i observe now is that when I pass gass, the excudated would come out with bubbles (which I conclude, there’s indeed an internal opening) It might have grown or might have been missed by the first xray test. THis is my story..so sad but true and hope the doctor will fix me without reccurence and another complications. I’m desperate even though friends keeps on telling me to be hopeful.

    Pain has become a constant companion and it really hurts physically and emotionally. I think my future stopped. Good thing I have the medical insurance that makes me smile once in a while.

  23. 23 MV February 5, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Not to sound like a broken record, but hang in there, George. You will get through this. I had the lump in the groin too; that’s how mine started out in fact.

    That’s the first one I ever had drained; then, it kept coming back every 3 months, just inches away from the original spot, because that’s where the tract (tunnel) was, along the fold where the leg and groin meet. I was told to think of it this way: because of the small hole inside, whenever you defecate, small pieces of feces burrow their way escape through this tunnel and settle in your skin. This infected pocket is where the swelling begins. So the reason why bubbles come out when you pass gas is because the tunnel has made an exit on the surface of the skin.

    I think the doctor is apprehensive about performing another surgery because the only surgery he has in mind is to do another abscess slice/drainage. If it is indeed a fistula (which it sounds like), you need a more invasive surgery (fistulotomy). I had my fistulotomy a week and a half after my last abscess cut/drainage, because the fact that it kept coming back indicated that I likely had a fistula.

    Bottom line is, don’t take no for an answer. If they insist on doing the standard cut-drain protocol every 3 months (or however frequently the abscess returns), then find someone else. Otherwise, you might end up with more damage down there than you started out with.

    Looking back, I honestly believe that my abscess was already at fistula stage the very first time I ever had it drained! I wish I didn’t have to go through 7 months of pain before I found a surgeon who was willing to recognize when it was time to try something else. The good news is that it sounds like you can finally confirm that it is a fistula.

    Hang in there, bud!

  24. 24 Naz February 23, 2010 at 5:37 am

    Yo MV how does ur bum look these days? Is it back to normal looking?


  25. 25 twice operated on the same spot February 25, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Hi george p, I pray to God you get healed soon. I know what you are going through.

    Make sure you have thorough examination too. Doctors have SOP when and how to advise patients when surgery is needed. I think they would try to limit surgery that’s why you are given medicine as much as possible.

    I hope my fistula healed already. But my concern now is when I sit for a long time, my butt feels swollen and my right lower back hurts.

    I am now undergoing Physical Therapy due to low back pain syndrome. This might have resulted to wrong sitting position or due to lack of exercise while I was on leave while healing.

    The pain from my right lower back radiates to my right buttock, where as the surgery was from the left; sometimes the pain is all around my butt.

    Sometime the pain also radiates going down to my right thigh going down to the sole of my foot.

    Will update you when I get better. God bless!

  26. 26 mv March 2, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Hey Naz,

    Yea, the skin is darker (obviously) in that spot, and I can still feel some scar tissue underneath that area but believe it or not I think that scar tissue is helping prevent it from coming back. Other than that, yea it’s almost like it never happened.

  27. 27 Naz March 2, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Good to hear MV… I am actually scheduled for my fistulotomy on march 18th. I finally decided to get this taken care of and not let it linger any longer. I will be posting updates after the procedure and during my road to recovery. Wish me luck.


  28. 28 mv March 3, 2010 at 2:22 am

    Woohoo! Yea, good luck man. Just remember, the most important thing is to stay off your butt as much as possible.


  29. 29 Sarah July 30, 2010 at 11:30 pm

    Hey MV,

    I know you were just asked this question, but I would be so happy if you gave me yet another update on the appearance of the scar the surgery left behind.

    I’m a girl and I would hate to have a horrid scar left behind permanently from this surgery. I’ve always had a rather good looking area down there, and I fear this surgery will make me look like a Franken-ass. And I’m only 19 years old!

    Any one else who has had the surgery, feel free to jump in. I know it will look terrible for a few months, and possibly for six months to a year, but after that does the scar mostly correct itself and blend in with the surrounding skin?

  30. 30 Anonymous August 7, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    Yea, it’s pretty much like it never happened. I can still feel a little scar tissue underneath the spot, but cosmetically there is almost nothing there.

  31. 31 Anonymous August 7, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    Yea, it’s pretty much like it never happened. I can still feel a little scar tissue underneath the spot, but cosmetically there is almost nothing there.

  32. 32 Sarah August 11, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Thank you for your comment! I feel such a sense of relief as there is no information or pictures that show how these surgeries look after healing is complete.

  33. 33 ak September 22, 2010 at 5:51 am

    goddamn guys i was reading all your stories and im really not sure what to think anymore. i was discussing this with a firned of mine medical buff but not a practitioner yet so i wont give him too much credit. i told him what i saw and he automatically gave me the verdict. Fistula! as soon as i got home that day six months ago i looked it up online and to my surprise it sounded just as bad as it looked. it hasnt gorwn ever since however pus is a regular in its daily agenda. In cases of fistula try a professional…family doctors rarely know what theyre talking about. he called it a boil and told me to take baking soda baths. didnt help…so i went once more complaining of sores and aches. he once again takes a deep gaze at my naked ass and decides that i was right it was a fistulla. he makes an appointment with a specialist whom is on vacation and will not be back until november. whoopee. im still a student so sitting is part of my profession. escaping it is next to impossible. however all i can do for now is let it drain and do its thing. if my gabing abyss of pus is locatek above the beggining of the valley before reaching the anus, does it mean it will eventually connect into some tube i wouldnt want it to?

  34. 34 sameanus November 17, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Im having my fistulectomy or whatever its called in the morning. I have had no drainage yet, guess im lucky..mine is right below the tailbone and an inch above the anus.

  35. 35 sameanus November 17, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    I hope I dont have the difficulty you guys did. And really hope for minimal pain afterwards. How long was it before you were able to sit?

  36. 36 stayontheground December 8, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Hi, Well after reading your posts it makes me feel angry how far mine has gone and shouldn’t have got to this. I’m in the UK (so the NHS!) I had an abscess (actually it was at the top of my leg so didn’t fall into any of the classifications!) incised and drained at the end of April this year. It was the really early phase, just a lump, caught really early on so no pain at all. It was packed for ten days by the district nurse, then after that I was basically just left to it, no follow up care, nothing, though I did go to A&E a few times, (one doctor actually suggested I “stay on top of my personal hygiene” I wash constanly and had been sat in the waiting room for two hours (you all know how much pus comes out of these wounds) He was so rude to me, I was getting blurred vision and vommiting, he told me not to take my glaases off firstly!!! as if I was a complete idiot, it was awful letting him examine me in such an intimate area when he was so rude and arrogant, I didn’t even have a nurse present) I’ve been treated as if I am a drama queen, I could’t drive, I had to put my car into storage, I couldn’t get to the end of my street without it filling up then bursting, it was sheer agony, childbirth was a walk in the park compared to this pain!! I ended up lancing it myself with a heated needle on an almost daily basis. When I called a doctor or the district nurse they made me feel like I was exaggerating.I honestly could not get a doctor to come out to see me and whenever I went to A&E I felt that I was wasting their time.
    In July, I started to notice that when when it burst it was no longer blood and pus but something which looked very much like faeces. I made a complaint to the patient liason service and was given an appointment to see the surgeon who did the initial operation the next day. He didn’t seem at all bothered when I told him all this, he told me it was probably a sinus even though I voiced my fears, I thought it had developed ino a fistula, he made me feel like an idiot for saying that, he told me would put me on his list and he would take away all the dead tissue (which by now, had turned black) and clean it out, he told me I would be waiting for three months, taking it up to a 7 month wait completely, I complained again and they gave me a surgery date of sept 30th, still over a month and a half later. I went in for my pre-assessment and they had completely forgotten about my narcolepsy so told me to go to surgical assessment instead as I couldn’t be a day case patient. When I arrived there they told me to come back for the assessment on October 19th. I just burst into tears and my mum started shouting, the staff nurse told us to go to A&E so we did and the matron there was brilliant, she called the general surgery assistant manager who agreed that I had received terrible service and I was admitted into hospital on September the 22nd,they told me it was a fistula even before I was examined, I have never felt so defeated in my life, I went into surgery to be told (while I was coming round from a general anaesthetic) that it was a complex fistula,I thought I’d dreamt it because he lied to my mum by telling her it was a simple fistula. I have a sling/seton fitted but he couldn’t really tell me what the outcome would be or how long it would take. My husband asked him why they had left me for six months and he got really shirty,accusing my husband of raising his voice to him when he really honestly didn’t, he just wanted to avoid answering the question. He also informed me that I shoud’ve been an elective patient but phone calls and copmplaints had been made and there were people here sicker than I was, I found this very intimidating as he came in to tell me this with five other male doctors, all stood looking down on me while I was lay on the bed. I just thing it’s disgraceful, he is now backtracking and saying it was a fistula to begin with but it wasn’t, it was an abscess which wasn’t treated properly. I have made a formsal complaint and have been told I have no case by a solicitor. I have had the seton in for over two months now and it’s awful, it is painful, it leaks foul smelling pus constantly and I’ve started to get severe back pain. I had an MRI scan last week and have discovered today thet the fistula has branches, one of them right up into my cocyxx and another through my vaginal wall. the only option available to me now is a colostomy, I just can’t believe it! this was an abscess on my leg!!! I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, I haven’t been able to work for eight months and now I don’t even have a date to work with, I am self employed and almost on the verge of bankruptsy. I am housebound completley due to the pain.
    This is the worst case scenario of what can happen and I had mine seen when it was just a lump so …honestly..don’t delay getting these things checked and insist on a col-rectal surgeon as I am an axample of how it can get so messed up by an arrogant surgeon, inexperienced in this field and unwilling to pass me to someone who knew what he was doing. I have recently started refusing examinations as I have had more male doctors examine me in intimate areas than I’ve had sexual partners. It’s not right, I’m tired of seeing a different face every time and always with my pants down.

  37. 37 BB January 14, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    I have had anal fistulas since I was around 8 or 9. It was embarrassing to have such a problem, so I didn’t mention it to my mom until I couldn’t take it any more. Once I did, she took me to the doctor, on base, and they would lance it. Several times I had this done. Finally scheduled a surgery to fix it, in a military hospital in fact, when I was 10. I must have been a pretty tough kid, because now that Im older, 43 in fact, and when I get a recurring fistula, it hurts like hell!! I went many years without one, and then they started coming up as an adult. I could always feel one 4-5 days before the they would come up as a large boil. Very painful, but usually didn’t last long before they’d burst on their own. Three years ago I was having one every 2-3 months on average. I got to where I was expecting them. I mentioned it to my gyno at a visit, and he was the first Dr. that said, “we need to figure out why your having these.” So he recommends a colonoscopy, which I have done, and they remove one pollup..everything else looks fine. Nothing was ever said about the fistulas. No clues. Well, after that colonoscopy a whole year goes by without one fistula. Until this past week. I felt it coming on. A familiar pain, several days go by before I get the REAL pain. The biggest and most painful yet. Two days of fever, aches, and pain all over, along with the must painful boil ever. Felt deeper and wider than ever. Was on the verge of having a doctor lance it, just to get over that pain. BUT I can’t stand the thought of a nother doctor looking at it, lancing it, and not being sympathetic and wanting to fix it. It’s embarassing enough as it is. I finally burst on it’s own this morning, and OH!! what a relief!! seriously, at that moment, you realize that you might just make it. Still drained and worn out, body hurts from the awkward sitting an straining to keep from making the pain worse. But I can still say I feel 100% better. I just want this to end, I can’t go through this again. I’ve had so many of them in my life, and this last one was just too much. I want to know that their are Dr’s out there that understand and can really help this. Obviously my first surgery when I was 10 didn’t prevent it from coming back again. What is the answer?

    Oh, and to the question about scarring after surgery, I don’t have any visual scarring that is that noticable, but it will make the sphincter (sp?) muscle tighter and smaller, and since I was 10 when this was done, I’ve never remembered it different. IM always shocked to see that other people have bigger poo than me…..I wold die if I had to expel what other people do. (and just to make it clear, I don’t usually look at others poo…just on those occasions when someone forgets to flush…gross!!) silly I know…but that’s just how it is.

  38. 38 Sarah February 2, 2011 at 3:40 am

    Just an update!

    I had my fistula surgery in mid-October.

    My fistula first appeared following an abscess in May. While I can’t say I ever suffered from the severe pain that others discuss on here, it was definitely a fistula, and I could squeeze it and drain pus out from it every day.

    I was more horrified at the prospect of having a scarred ass for the rest of my life than anything. Not to be graphic, but I like using that areas with my boyfriends, and I didn’t want to look like a god damned monster the rest of my life.

    I did research and decided laying the fistula out was the only real option, even though it was the one that would leave me with the most scar tissue. No doctor was willing to perform the other methods, and insurance didn’t cover them.

    So I got the surgery, and afterwards I looked at it in the mirror and cried. It looked horrible – like someone had hacked me open with a clever.

    And oh my god, going to the bathroom those first few days was awful. It feels quite dreadful having a giant wound be stretched apart and then filled with – well, shit.

    But the healing process began and its slowly looking better and better.

    About 6 weeks after the surgery, as crazy as it may sound, I had anal sex a few times. It hurt a bit more than normal, but by then my fistula had healed a lot and was no longer draining. I’ve read many horror stories about the wound remaining open and continuing to drain for months, but mine didn’t. After 40 days or so it could have been called “totally healed.” I no longer felt the would and it no longer drained or had any effect on me. Problem, however, is the scar.

    Good thing is, it’s been a little over three months and the wound looks way better than it did before. The surgery site is mostly filled in, and although there is a definite scar, I have a feeling it will be mostly unnoticeable in a year or so.

    There is a little flap of skin left behind at the site of surgery that drives me nuts. It looks like a hemmroid but is just a rough edge on the side of the incision. I wanted my doctor to cut it off, but she told me it will go away in the next 6 to 9 months so we’ll see.

    Anyhoo, if there are any other people like me, don’t cry for months over the fear that your asshole will be forever hideous. It will be probably for 6 months, but after that it’ll be fine.

    And for those that don’t care how their ass looks, I thought the surgery was fairly easy. The first 5 days hurt, and I had to put padding in my underwear everyday for 5 weeks to catch the drainage, but that was it.

    Well, that’s my story. Peace.

  39. 39 jack March 22, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    guys, greetings!

    After one hell of a month suffering from diarrhea, my ass is in pain. It feels like burning and I go to see the specialized doc. I was diagnosed with intersphincteric fistula and next month i will be operated by fistulotomy.

    The symptoms is i keep having diarrhea, and it hurts after BM. When i want to pee, i experienced anal spasms and apparently i cant control my BM, i will shit at that moment; again loose stool but it is in small quantities.

    Waiting for the operation, my dad bought me some homeophathy and i try it. Right now I am feeling well, no more moist ass with pus, only a healthy dry one. no more pain after BM and when sitting. The best part is, today i have no BM, means no diarrhea and right now i am drinking milk which will cause me diarrhea before.

    I believe my fistula is in my anal sphincter so i couldnt control my BM. Everytime my ass moist and hurt, everytime i will shit with my pee attempt. Right now i’m quite relief that i gained control again.

    But i tell u what, i’m gonna undergo the surgery and EUA to determine whether my fistula was only drained and would require a surgery but at this time, i’m happy with my life.

    So anyone here have some advice for me? and please tell me about the intersphinteric fistula and anal spasms. it was really a nightmare before. peace be upon you.

  40. 40 jack April 25, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    guys, i have done the colonoscopy to detect the problem for my persistent diarrhea. my large intestine is inflamed, means the problem is IBD. i will get the result of the biopsies on next month but my doctor already provides me the sulfalazine and flagyl. i have never experience a diarrhea since i had the medicine taken. today, supposely i will going to get a fistulotomy for my anal fistula, but my doctor cancelled the operation because my fistula healed miracously.

    so if you guys have diarrhea with anal fistula, you have the chance to heal the fistula with sulfazaline according to my doctor. i am very grateful that my crohn is going under remission state and my healed fistula. so i am going to lead a quality life again so far after the colonoscopy test.

  41. 41 Christos June 1, 2011 at 2:13 am

    Hi guys,

    I had my peri-anal abscess operated on on Jan 8, 2011 and I developed into a fistula – basically a little pin sized hole about 5/8 inches from my anus. I use a padding on it as it discharged blood and some fluid (not infected as it’s clear). The blood appears brightly coloured but sometimes there’s blood clots and they appear dark. Sometime the blood dries and appears dark as well.

    I’ve had an MRI scan and the doctor told me I have a “little fistula” and they’re either going to put a seton in it or if it’s not necessary, they’ll “cut it open and let it heal”. I’m in Australia (free Medicare) and I was only in the doctor’s for about 10 minutes or less. They put me on a waiting list for the operation on 21 April, 2011 and as of today, 1st June, 2011 I’ve not heard anything. I’m considered a .low risk of deterioration.

    I have not had much pain with it and praise the Lord for that, but I’ve heard others have pain with it. I was 50 when it happened and meanwhile I have turned 51 and I’m ins reasonable health.

    The abscess operation has left me with scar tissue on my cheek that is 3.2 by 1.2 inches across. I’m assuming it will get better as the abscess was quite large and they removed a fistful of pus from it. Lucky I didn’t get septicaemia as I left it quite late and had the fever and shakes from it.

    I tried some herbal/natural methods like Manuka honey and Medihoney, wheatgerm oil with some tea-tree oil and comfrey but nothing has happened. I used to put the mixture in my anus, which I think was the wrong thing to do as the area appears untouched.

    So my next trick is to syringe the mixture into the pinhole sized fistula. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Thank you and God bless,

  42. 42 Anonymous July 1, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Christos, please don’t syringe anything into the fistula. Unless it’s fibrin glue, nothing you put in there is going to help. The best that can happen is nothing, but you run the risk of making any infection worse, and of enlarging the fistula.

    Thanks for this blog, I just underwent the lay-open procedure. The surgeon really didn’t warn me about the gore level. I’ve had a number of operations over the years, but they’ve all been nice, neatly sutured wounds, not great big bleeding gashes across my backside.

  43. 43 Jun September 12, 2011 at 7:15 am

    Hi all,

    I had my preanal absess surgery for 4 times and now it developed into fistula because the pus keep dripping..I’m so scarred..and tommorow i will have another surgery which the doctor call as fistulotomy. Pls advice..on the recovery process..What should do and don’t.

    Glad i found this website.


  44. 44 Anonymous October 12, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    I’m glad i was able to find an article like this, i had a fistulectomy operation last February 2011, however the operation hasn’t heal completely as new
    fistula and oozing pus has re-appear. I’ve been researching about any topical or any non surgical treatment -as i know that my surgeon might end us convincing me to undergo another operation again.

    Upon browsing I realized that the re-occurrence of fistula might be a cause of some underlying disease. i was planning to consult a gastroenterologist, since i’m afraid another operation will not really help.

    Does anyone here tries to do any natural treatment for anal fistula???

    Maggie Asks…Thank you

  45. 45 Anonymous October 18, 2011 at 1:11 am


    Hi maggie, supprisingly after you had your fitulectomy operation the fistula re-occure…What do you mean the operation not fully heal? Is the pus came out from the same fistula. My surgery is on August 2011 and the operation almost heal but still have hole there without pus…
    Did you do the sit bath everyday?

  46. 46 Lori October 18, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    I had a fistula laid open to heal from the inside out on June 18, 2011. It seemed to be healing pretty well until a few weeks ago. Now when I have a bowel movement it itches like crazy afterwards. It’s a little painful where the wound is but I don’t feel a bump as I did before. However, it does seem to drain but only a little.
    How long do these surgeries typically take to heal?

  47. 47 Patty November 10, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    I am due to have my 6th surgery since I was 22, am now 47. Last go round was 5 years ago and that was a 2 parter, a fistulotomy with a seton – don’t like the seton (string) that is left in for a few weeks to keep the tract open and then another surgery to remove it. I am hoping the doc gets it fixed this time and this is the last one. She is the best known rectal surgeon in Alaska so I am hopeful as I was five years ago. Let’s be honest – the recovery goes from hurting to discomfort and feeling gross and dirty. Also the occasional muscle spasms are what I imagine would be the equivilant of a gang sodomy. Oh and I noticed most of the posts were by males – I am female. Trying to get the doc to cooperate on letting me fill my meds ahead of time is a pain in the ass in itself. I don’t like percocet but the alternative is tylenol 3, baby asprin would work better. So now I am asking for nausia meds and will have to deal with the sleeplessness cause by the percocets. Anyhow thanks for letting me vent – not sure doc will give me nausia meds though and that will just piss me off. They told me they don’t routinely give nausia meds- so what? – how many people rountinely have six surgeries?….

  48. 48 Marco December 5, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Hello all!

    I am Marco. I truly feel for everyone going through this. I hope my story can be of some help. I had a Fistulotomy about 3 weeks ago. My fistula was relatively small and right above my anus, about a centimeter wide, after it was cut. The Sitz baths are essential for healing! I notice an immediate and significant difference, when I sit in that little tub the hospital gave me, for an hour straight. I just take my cell in the bathroom with me, to pass the time. I try to do this at a MINIMUM of twice daily.

  49. 49 Marco December 12, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Hi there. After my Fustulotomy 4 weeks ago, I believe I’ve finally healed, doing at least an hour sitting in that little tub, with as warm water as I can stand it, daily! Do u experience mucus in ur stool, if ever?

  50. 50 courtney December 13, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Hello, I am new here. I had a fistulotomy performed 8 weeks ago on a rather small fistula. I still have some soreness and small amounts of tacky yellow/watery discharge. My surgeon was like most, saying it would heal in 6-8 weeks. Now that I am at the 8 week mark, I am feeling anxious that I still have the yellow stuff. It is not much, just a little all throughout the day. Can this linger the longest, and is it normal if it does? I wish doctors wouldn’t give us such a timeline, as I think everyone heals so differently and on different schedules. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and how long I should let it go on before I call the doc.

  51. 51 Marco January 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    I think you should call your doc asap! You may be developing an anal fistula, which can lead to more infection. The healing time is usually 4-5 weeks. You may have other things going on.

  52. 52 Fissure/Fistula March 16, 2012 at 2:27 am

    I woke up with PAIN one morning (24 weeks ago) and limped around for weeks until I went to a gastero doc who couldn’t even do an anal exam, had an emergency colonoscopy 2 days later with the result of anal fissure. The prep was fine, and a colonoscopy will not “pain” you the next day, BUT I spasamed unbelievable! Tried Vicadin, did not work. Tried Codein did not work. Went to a surgeon who inserted something up me with out warning (had said he was just going to look with a gloved hand!!!) He tore me further in and I bled for 8 days. Went to a different surgeon in the same building about 2 weeks later. At this point I couldn’t walk, stand or sit. I would have to lay on the floors in waiting rooms. I had spasams in my vagina, etc. Was unable to urinate! In MAJOR pain! This surgeon was kind and concerned. Ordered an MRI which showed a fluid pocket near my tailbone. So he said in 33 years of colon surgerys he was puzzled and referred me to a different city and hospital. By now I had lost about 20 pounds as I was terrified to have a BM and so I only ate applesauce. Tried Tramadol and that seemed to help. Saw new surgeon and only does surgery certain days so I had to wait 2 more weeks and had fissure surgery! (Didn’t see fluid pocket in me that MRI showed, if he had he would have drained it and would not have done fissure surgery that same day). ANyway, 5 days later had my first BM, NIGHTMARE….8 days later had a HUGE abcess infection! It drained on its own. Well now it is 24 wks since this began, 13 wks since surgery and I have a fistula resulting from the abcess and I have to have surgery again. So dissappointed. Surgeron says they cannot heal on own…I have scheduled the surgery in 5 1/2 weeks, hope I can hold out till then…..I’m back to exercising, and feel 99% better, just a bit of pain “in that area”….

  53. 53 camille March 24, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    hi.. well i also have experienced very painful times when i had a fistula, thank god i have a cousin who is a doctor who helped me to have a surgery. i am still having pain after 3 weeks of fistulotomy. but of course i need to be patient, have to continue my diet and still praying that this pain will go away!

  54. 54 Anonymous April 6, 2012 at 3:43 am

    well, i have anal fistula since childhood and my face skin is very dry since my childhood age, now iam 26 yrs old …. now iam thinking to amputate it .iam male.

  55. 55 Anonymous April 6, 2012 at 4:00 am

    can anyone say me tht anal fistula causes face skin severe dryness cuz i hav been in such problem since my childhood ? my face feels tight and scally and i tried all creams b4 bt of no avail so just kindly convey me is it because of anal fistula ? i hav it and did damn to it cuz the dryness at first i thought would hav caused by some other causes . help me n say , operating it will bring my face dryness to good to some extents or not ?

  56. 56 KC April 9, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Nice to hear from so many people about this operation…
    I had mine opened up 3 weeks ago. I had a complex one at that and there were three tracts… so its similliar to 3 operations in one, or so the doctor tells me… my butt hole now looks like Zeus’s three headed spear.. 😉

    Anyways, here’s what i went through:
    They gave me a spinal anesthetic … the OP was over in 20 min’s. My doc used some OT RAY or something to burn up the open veins .. i was numb below my waist but could smell my flesh being burnt.. was awake throught my OP. Imagine that.. whoohh !!
    Well after my OP, i was left to rest for next 1 hour in the recovery room before they shifted me to pvt cabin.
    I regained my sence in 4 hours and then rushed to the bathroom to pass urine… my ass was warped in plastic tapes with a gauge in my butt and a pad covering all the portion of the surgery.
    The nurse came in the evening and opened my packing.
    As soon as she did that, i had a huge pressure surging up from my behind telling me its time for a BM…. wow i am unlucky since childhood but never thought i was so unlucky……. does it have to come at this time.. GOD!!!!!!!… anyways.. i had the BM .. and cant belave.. its not that hard.. mostly coz i was still a bit numb form the spinal they gave me.. i guess…

    Next day by evening, i went back home.
    Could not sit. Pain = excruciating…. had to lie down all the time.. and so was the case for the first week…
    Every BM felt i am in Hell……….

    Second week, little better, still cant sit…. pain after BM …. oooouuuucchhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    By third week, the continuous pain has diapered, it only pains during BM and if i try to move around too much. (Pain = burn + ache + pinching )

    By mid of third week, i can freely move around, sitting still not comfortable, BM pain reduced to 10%… (Pain = slight burn for 5 secs)

    Now its 4th week, i am back in office.. discomfort is there, i am using a air bag with a hole in the middle to sit, its ok….

    Now, the most important thing…. the things i did in the last 4 weeks:
    1) Clean area with water sprinkler after BM. (initially 1 week could not do that coz it was so tender and so painfull)
    2) Sitting in Hot water tub with one tea spoon of “Betadine” liquid in it. Atleast 3 times a day for 15 min each…
    3) No soap on the area.
    4) Clean it dry after the wash with medicated wipes.
    5) Apply “Betadine” lotion after that.
    6) Never try to sit on your but for 2 weeks apart from when i took the sitz baths.
    7) Never stressed my self with walking or other stuff that could stress the area..

    At present, i have no discomfort apart from a little pain at the start of a BM.
    I cannot sit without my trusty air pillow. It still is not that comfortable to sit on my bum straight up.

    its healing up, and its slow. And slow is good.. so lets see.. i guess the hard part is over.. i am in my 4th week now.. hopping and getting better each day..

    thankz for the blog.. u guys are amazing…

  57. 57 Jake April 9, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Had my operation two weeks ago. It was a simple quite superficial fistula app. 2 cm from anus.

    Operation went fine and I was sent home same day.

    Got a schock when I saw the wound. It’s much bigger than I had anticipated. The doc never really told me what to expect but he made it clear that this was a simple case. So I figured there would be a very small wound – like a cut or something. But the wound is around 3 cm long and 1 cm wide.

    The first ten days the wound was mostly yellow with some drainage. No pain. I’m on two different pain killers, but the first week I didn’t really think I needed them. I did take them though.

    After ten days the wound has become more red and the drainage is mixed with blood. It’s starting to hurt a little more. Nothing serious though.

    Anyway I went to the hospital yesterday to have the wound checked. Apparently no infection.

    It’s good to read all your reports. It’s makes me feel that I’m on the right track, Naively I had thought that the wound would heal in a week or so. Now I know it’ll take a lot longer.

  58. 58 Anonymous April 24, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Just curious but have any of you guys head of the procedure with a plug instead of the opening of the tract procedure?

  59. 59 Jennifer June 22, 2012 at 1:24 am

    Not comparing but I want to share my story. I have crohns and been seeing my gi Dr for 6 years ( my fault). I have had a fistula for6 out of 7 of those years and he had did nothing. It took my ra dr to put me on antibiotics. In January of this year; my fistula swelled from my anos through my labia; landing me in the hospital for a week; with a four inch incionsion; from my anos through my labia ; away from my family and job. The horrible thing is; I called that gi 2 days before to try to get me in and he couldn’t get me in for a month. I called early that morning; not going into the hospital until 8pm; and he never called me back. He sent a staff member; while I was in the hospital; to check on me. That staff member stated that he couldn’t do anything for me. I get a bill from the partner; for his visit for “not doing anything for me”; for $200. I had to have my fistula fixed today. Meanwhile I’m missing more work and more pay. During my visit with this gi; I develop rhuematoid arthritis. This gi decided that he was going to let my ra Dr treat both my ra and crohns; while critizing me while I accidentally got pregnant. Come to find out; if I would of waited; I wouldn’t of been able to have kids. I’m only 34. I do have a new gi and ra dr. So how do I get my hospital bill taken care of for neglect?

  60. 60 Fissure/Fistula June 22, 2012 at 2:59 am

    I had my fistula surgery April 24, it was a piece of cake compared to my fissure surgery! I’m so glad I had the fistula surgery! I was very leary of doing it and am so happy I did. They don’t do stitches or anything, I wasn’t even bruised. BM’s were not that painful. It drained for about 4 weeks, but that is normal. Remember it is difficult to tell you’re getting better day by day, but week by week you can tell an improvement.

  61. 61 Tomchi July 27, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    Hi all (fighters / healers / patients :), it’s great that this blog exists.

    Has anyone experienced surgery at St Marks Hospital in London ? Would be much grateful for some feedback !
    My story; Work / Stress / postponing to go to the toilet has given me anal fissure and couple of heameroids (End of 2010 – March 2011). In March 2011 I decided to do something about it as being on the toilet was like a knife war with my ass. Found a clinic (overseas) as NHS in UK was very slow and the GP totally useless. I would rename most of them to GN (General Nothing). Laser surgery under local Aneasthesia done and healing time approx 1 month (how painfull was the surgery…never experienced anything similar…). After this all ok so far, but kept using Avenoc cream to make it easier on the toilet and eating Magnesium to soften the stool. 2011 passed quite actively (sailing / working / eating normally). 2012 March-April, something’s going on after having quite a hard time on the toilet, my anus got quite irritated swelled – painful. Had to cancel my hoilday to mountains and start taking sitting baths for couple of weeks, eating painkillers (Ibuprofen 400 3 x daily). After examing down there fom time to time I have noticed a small pin size something – which was on top of a tiny knot I would say. Did research. Horrified. Went to the doctor, (GN) just to see whether he will make me laugh…so he did. He told me that it doesn’t look like fistula and it should disappear with couple of weeks (just a irritated spot) – hehe. I did wish for his nonsense to become true! Continued to do the baths / anusol cream / shower 2x daily and after the bowel movement. Didn’t use much soap – clear water is the best with combination of antibacterial sometimes (just my experience). Since the painful experience, I have settled the pains – got to normal really. BUT, the little pimple was still there and I just officially (me to me) diagnosed myself with fistula. I am not a big fan of a surgery (after reading all on the net) and so I started to experiment with some ideas I found on internet. One of it was use of antiseptic -cleaning with TCP (possibly droping into the pin). The true is that since I started to do this pus with a blood started to come out of it occasionally. Good or bad? I thought good – hopefully it starts cleaning this way progressively. Well, I was using this for 2 months now and it is still there. I am not in pain, but it still gets sometimes a bit swollen then as I clean it with TCP is flat again. This is maybe once a week. I am pretty much sick of doing this and I am booked in couple of days time for examination under general aneasthesia. If I agree (they will be options presumably) they can do a surgery straight away on it. If you can give any sort of advice before I get on the table – please do so ! Thank you very much guys. (Will keep you updated)

  62. 62 Fissure/Fistula July 27, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Go ahead with your surgery. The fistula surgery is so much easier and really needs to be done. I was so nervous to have fistula surger after fissure surgery, but it was so much easier, recovery easier and I feel so much better.
    Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:
    Email (Address never made public)

    The pus you have coming out is the fistula being infected. A fistula is round like a straw or tunnel and needs to be cut open and “layed flat” this is how it will heal. A new skin will form over the top (which is amazing because you are still going to the bathroom) and you will do the baths daily, but after a few weeks you will feel back to normal and not have to do the baths and lead a normal life again. Good luck!

  63. 63 Marco July 27, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Hi there. There really isn’t much I can tell u, but DO THE SURGERY! Actually, I will say, stop using creams that were not approved my ur doctor. They may cause further irritation.

  64. 64 Tomchi July 28, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Thanks for your opinions. I have to say that I am not in pain at all. I am also not putting the cream on the top of the pin. Will see how it goes on Monday, I am very curious what type is it and what can I do here…Cheers

  65. 65 Tomchi August 7, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    Hi all, Tomchi here. Here is the update. I am one week after F in ano operation. So, the day of operation; AM – feeling very nervous as I have never been under general anesthesia and still considering whether to go ahead or not. Asking lot of questions (I am very ‘detail’ man and so it is quite clear that I am getting on nerves to the doctor who needs to move on and start operating many of his daily operations…). Well, but that’s how I am and so this all gave me a bit ‘under pressure feeling’. Anyways, went ahead. BUT before they got me unconcious (PRE operation room) I asked to see doctor once more time…he was smiling of course…so more questions and now I got into more peace I would say.There was this nice guy anaesthesian who just kindly calmed me down and encouraged me not to feel pressurized etc etc. It was a good feeling and I am thankful to him. So, GA – veeery nice state, three breathes and I am off. Suddenly I woke up after like one hours time – taking a deep breath and couldn’t believe that all’s done. I felt good. Still a bit sleepy with OXY mask on my face, but good. Tried to actually get my thoughts together and find out what I was dreaming about. I felt like I slept for 2 days and had a good sleep. 20-25 mins they drove me off the recovery unit back to pre operation one. I felt quite numb down there, but that’s probably b/c I ve been probably given a local anaesthetic jab…Drunk some water, had some food and after approx 3-4 hours off I go home with a swab in my shorts. Before I went off – I thought that I will see my doctor (had more questions ready for him in terms of after care 🙂 but there was this young doctor who came over to discharge me. Well, I have to say that he wasn’t very helpful and my feeling was that he knows nullity about what should I do now after the OP. I was actually telling him (as I pre-studied lot od things about this) what will I probably do and he was just nodding or looking at me as If I was a doctor. He went to ask other doctors about twice when I was asking certain Q’s and came back with not a clear answer really. Ok then. I have to say that despite of this I felt on the unit (This was NHS job ok) good and quite safe. The lady nurses running around the unit were great – if something needed they listened and actioned. The unit was clean and there was still someone running around with the cleaning kit. There was this one nurse (it might be senior position, head nurse or something), I think she might be Irish b/c of an accent who was much helfpul than the younger guy doctor. And not the first time, I was on the same unit with my girlfriend 3 months before and she was very helpful then as well. Overall experience – highly satisfied, Thank you anaesthetisians / doctor who performed surgery / nurses. Got home. Relax. My after care note on the papers didn’t say much; Clean affected area after passing stool / otherwise TB kept dry for 48 h / May bathe as normal after this / if any concerns – return to H. As you can imagine this wasn’t much for me and so I rang to the H just to check – is this really all? They said that they will check and come back to me (they didn’t till now, but hope all is ok). As I waited – the first 2 days, I was realizing that that might be it really and it wouldn’t be good maybe to keep bathing in salt or creaming it wit something as the body should get cracking with it itself. Anyways, I tried to not to go for the toilet for 48h (it wasn’t the condition) just to keep the wound a bit relaxed. So I did. I ate less and got some magnesium in pills to have it easier on the toilet then (it makes poo softer). Went on the toilet on Wednesday – it was quite easy to my surprise, actually much easier than to go after fissure OP. That was incredible painful. There was blood now- obviously – fresh wound and so the cleaning process has started. Just to finish (b/c this is going to be for a book), I spent first week taking it easy reading / working on my tummy not interupting the healing process much (just sometimes cleaning the surround with antiseptic), taking showers 2-3 t daily. I hope and believe that it’s healing ok and I will get rid if this trouble within couple of weeks. I really do hope and believe. I am not in pain (there is occasional ‘sting’ sometimes), not so that I was very much before as well b/c mine wasn’t very big one but it was trouble to clean with antisept and cream and so on everyday. Fingers crossed. All the best to everyone and thank you for this blog.

  66. 66 Fistula October 14, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Well. I think I shall leave my experience here. I developed my abscess after my stitch (tear from child birth) got infected. It happened twice. I thought it was my haemorroid, and applied some ointment for hemorrhoids. It went away itself for the first time, and two weeks later a really painful one occurred at the same spot. Very very painful. Still thought it was the hemorrhoid, applied the ointment, but no help! Two days past, it got bigger and bigger. Was really annoyed and scared. One day could not sleep at all till 2am, searched the web, found they said the best solution was to push it inside. Went to the bathroom, started trying to push. Oh.God. That hurt! Then I heard something, the next thing I knew was my hand was covered with some blood, some watery stuff. The pain went away immediately. I still thought it was the hemorrhoid which just broke. The next day it was still quite sore. Called my mom(she is a retired medical doctor). She came and checked me (I was so embarrassed to show her, but I finally did, and I am really lucky I showed her). She found some discharge around the hole, which was different from broken hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid should be only blood, while abscess should be pus.
    She went in to see a gp with me. My GP initially thought it was stitch infection and referred me back to my obstetrician. So I went to see my ob and he referred me to a general surgeon. Well… At that time, I was already very sick. Fever and pain all over my body. My eyes sore, my gums sore, and I started to have mastitis. My general surgeon examed me with anal abscess (same with mom), and because my infection was so severe – systemic infection and life threatening), I was admitted to hospital straight away for IV. 3 days on, the pain has subsided heaps and all my other infections gone… But I started to feel every time I farted, there was some gas passing through the other hole… Oh..no… I know it was not right… My general surgeon checked it again and said it was now a fistula, which rarely cured itself and required surgery… I am scared.
    When you have a relative in the medical system, you will definitely have an advantage. I have to admit I have this advantage. So I was able to hunt down a best colorectal surgeon, as I know if the fistula was good and superficial one, then a simple cut open is the best solution.. Otherwise, I may have to try the advancement flap (this procedure really requires a good surgeon, otherwise high re-occurrence rate).
    My CSR examined my fistula and thank God, it was short and superficial. So a simple fistulotomy would fix it. I was very pleased with it. It could be the best situation out of the worst. So two days ago, I went in hospital and had the surgery under general anesthetic, I had to admit I was shaking like a leaf but soon I was knocked out. When I woke up, it was all done. I haven’t had the courage to have a look at it myself, but the pain was not bad at all. Have done bm and it was not painful either. My surgeon told me the cut was very superficial and small (1.5cm).
    Still recovering and hopfully it will be over soon.

  67. 67 Cydney November 17, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    You’re looks good. I just wanna know how long before I can have sex. I had fistula in ano surgery on Tuesday to take a perineal abscess out and it’s now Saturday.

  68. 68 Justin. November 25, 2012 at 2:52 am

    Hi folks. I’m about two weeks post fistula surgery. Think all up I had my fistula for three years.

    Noticed something wrong when I went for a bike ride and couldn’t sit on the bike seat without it hurting. Later that night it burst and I spent the next two days with it oozing blood. Doc said it was hemorroids. Was given some antibiotics a and told it would clear up. Funny it didn’t and saw a different doc and was told it was a fistula. So I went onto the waiting list at our local hospital.

    So it’s now been removed and my backside has a huge hole, about four cm long and very deep. I’ve got no pain what so ever. I have country nurses coming every second day to wash my but. I think all up since surgery I head close to 12 different people look at my but. The nurses seem to be very pleased with how things are going. I feel terrific. If I didn’t know that I’ve had the surgery I would think nothing has happened. All the nurses have been great, told to lay down more than sitting up in a recliner. And also too show my but to the sun. I haven’t done that part.

    Im wearing a pad in my undies like women do, I have found that to be a lot easier that the bandages from the hospital. There is a little bit of brown fluid but its slowing down more everyday. I shower twice a day, after a dump in the morning and at night just to wash it. I have a drain coming out of my anus, which is just annoying when wiping. I’ve been told it will either fall out on its own or doc will take it out.

    Think the only concern I’ve had is the failure from any of the surgeons and specialists to say how long it takes to heal and how much impact on normal life there is post surgery. I was told I could be back at work after two weeks. Well that is so wrong. Think it will be close to six weeks before I go back. Lucky i have banked several,hundred hours of sick leave.

    So for me it’s now waiting for the hole to,heal over. Which I think is going to take another two to four weeks. It has been nice to hear of other stories and the similarities of what’s happened to me and others. So hopefully soon this will be all over and never have to go through it again!!

  69. 69 John November 27, 2012 at 5:06 am

    Hi guys, I have a small quarter inch hole about two inches above my asshole. It bleeds whenever I wipe and never heals. Can anyone tell me if I have a fistula and if you think ill need sugury.

  70. 70 Justin Cooper November 27, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Hi John I’m not a doc. Reckon you should to doc ASAP! It never heals, just gets worse. Keep showering after you do no 2s!! But I would go to a doc.

  71. 71 marco November 27, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Your situation does sound like an anal fistula, or an abscess. Go to a doc immediately, preferably, a colorectal surgeon.

  72. 72 John November 27, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Is there any possibility I wont need surgury ?

  73. 73 Justin Cooper November 27, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Go and see your doc. Who knows, I’m not a doc but go and see him.,I had mine for three years thanks to a poor health system. Sooner than later. They only get worse as time goes by.

  74. 74 Anonymous November 27, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Better go get it checked, doc can “see” that area and tell what it is. I am a year now since my first surgery 12-5-11 (fissure), second surgery 4-2012 (fistula). Was still having some issues this September and in October went on a parasite cleanse…..my pain in GONE. Used black walnut tincture, wormwood and cloves…..from http://www.drclark.net …. good luck.

  75. 75 Marvin December 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Hi there. I am a 28 year old male and was diagnosed with an anal fistula about 2 months ago. The colorectal surgeon recommended that have a surgery to get rid of it. I am so confused about the post-surgery care, and as I read things online I am becoming even more confused.
    Can someone please explain to me what exactly is “packing” and/or “dressing” of the wound? Are they the same thing? Does this mean that I would have to shove a piece of gauze into my butthole? If yes, how do I poop with the gauze in my butt? Assuming that I have a simple fistulotomy, how many days would I have to have the gauze in place?
    Please someone explain to me what this whole packing/dressing thing is.

  76. 76 Anonymous December 13, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    The ONLY packing I had was immediately after surgery, (a huge pad and a little piece of gauze) and that was removed a few hours later (I think I just pulled off the little piece of gauze, and the huge pad you take off also) I did get some “B-Sure” butterfly pads from the hospital that you put on your anus to absorb any moisture during healing, and after each bowl movement. I used 2 boxes of these. I’m in the USA, not sure what other areas do….

  77. 77 Justin Cooper December 13, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Hi marvin

    I’m in Australia, they packed my but with fairly loose gauze and padding. That was pretty much for a couple of days after my surgery. I pretty much got sick of using it as it moved around heaps. The best thing I have found is using women’s sanitary pads!! Seriously, as they stick to your jocks and don’t move. They do take a bit to get used to. But personally think they are a whole lot better. The nurses here have now recommended others to use them.

    Hope this helps. Also makes it easier when having a poop. I changed mine twice a day for the first few weeks and showered twice a day too.


  78. 78 Lily December 17, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Hello All…I feel your pain. I had to have 2 surgeries…fistulotomy…with setons placed in the first surgery. They fell out on their own…my surgeon said that that was rare…but did happen. Anyhow…now it has been a month since the second surgery and I have a pain in my left butt cheek…near the anus…it feels like….pressure perhaps…but by the end of the day the pain shoots down my thigh. The surgeon looked for a cause during surgery and said he couldn’t find anything. Has anyone had similar pain running from inside down your thigh??

  79. 79 Anonymous December 17, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Yes, I did, but before surgery. Mine radiated down inner thighs, spasamed in vagina, about 1/3 of my left butt cheek was in PAIN, it was horrible! They said fissure had possible tore along a nerve. My fissure surgery has been 1 year ago, fistula surgery was 8 mths ago, I would say I’m 98% better. Once in a while I get a zinging pain by anus but not too often.

  80. 80 Anonymous December 28, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Does anyone here know how to find a list of doctors with a good track record in dealing with anal fistulas. I live in a small city and feel so frustrated. I can’t even get the regular doctor to acknowledge my real problem and give me a referral to the GI. The GI doctor says they will only see me with a referral.

    Anyway, are there lists of doctors in the US that are good at treating this?

  81. 81 Anonymous December 28, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    That is too bad, you should be able to google some in your state. What state are you in?

  82. 82 EXTREMELY DISTRESSED January 8, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Hey All,

    I’m going in for surgery on Jan.25.2013. My 2nd consultation with the doctor is this Thursday on Jan.10.2013.

    Are there any questions I should be made aware of which I should ask my surgeon?


    How will they know how long/deep the fistula is?

    Will they know what caused the initial infection before during or after the surgery?

    Will sphincter muscles be cut? If so, is incontinence permanent?

    How long does it take to FEEL 100% again?

    After surgery, what are the chances of relapse or reoccurrence?

    Please, any help, as I am losing my mind flipping out nervous & depressed about this.

    I am a very active person with an active profession and lifestyle, as well as husband and father with one little one on the way.

    Please help.

  83. 83 fissure/fistula January 8, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    You will feel much better when surgery is done.

    They won’t know how deep fistula is till they are “in” there. (do you have a fissure or fistula?) I had fissure surgery and then developed a fistula so I have had 2 surgeries. Dec. 2011 & April 2012.

    If fissure, yes, sphincter is cut. You should have zero permanent incontinence. (You will have some “leakage” after bowel movements till your muscle control is back.) B-Sure Pads are great for that!

    My situation didn’t heal up completely until I went on a parasite cleanse and now have had zero pain/infection for 4 months. I don’t know if it was the quantity of herbs I took for the cleanse that finally healed that area, or if fissures are truly parasites…

    Yes, it is a depressing situation, but you will be able to resume your activities and eventually not have any more pain! You will be so glad when you have the surgery!!!!

    My fissure was so bad I couldn’t stand, sit, walk, drive: NOTHING. I had to lay on the floors of the waiting rooms as I couldn’t sit. I lost 25 lbs until finally I had the surgery. I was terrified of being incontinent also and kept thinking it would heal, no way it would have! I got so sick “waiting” that my bladder shut down also. So have it done, you will be glad you did.

  84. 84 Justin Cooper January 8, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Hi ya extremely depressed,

    You will be so thankful when its done. Ask your surgeon how long it’s going to take to recover. They said two weeks, but it was more like six weeks. For me I wasn’t allowed to do much for the first four weeks. No bending, no lifting, which pretty much meant no housework, no gardening, nothing. My country nurses were brilliant, I was pretty much stuck to laying down for four weeks as this is the best way to heal. I showered twice daily and changed my pads two times a day. I had no real pain after surgery and none after I stopped taking pain killers three days after surgery.

    I’ve got two kids, 7 and 5 and I found it hard not to get involved in many things. But you have to try not to do anything. It’s hard but it will be worth it in the end. I’m fairly active to and found it hard not doing the things I wanted, but unless you are a pro athlete and that’s your income just doesn’t do anything.

    I had the muscle cut to and it really didn’t make much difference. Just make sure you have a shower after each poo. I found women’s sanitary pads the best to use, the big ones!!

    Just remember rest rest rest is the best option. It’s been two months since my op, and if I seriously didn’t know I had the op I wouldn’t have known I had the operation.

    Just relax mate, seriously it will all be fine. I’m no doctor, just do all the right things.

    Good luck.

  85. 85 EXTREMELY DISTRESSED January 9, 2013 at 12:23 am

    @fissure/fistula: how can you tell if you have/had a fissure?

    I’ve had some rough outings on the toilet bowl, but none as bad as you’ve described. I’ve attributed it towards being dehydrated from the gym.

    As far as my symptoms go:

    Jan.2011: may or may not have had an external thrombosed hemorrhoid on the perenium which subsided after about 2 weeks.

    May.2011: what seemed to be a relapse, with a subsequent rupture. Some blood and slight clear substance. Attributed towards long flight & bus ride.


    Nov.2012: relapse? With purely white puss rupture. Doctor prescribes antibiotics.

    Dec.2012: relapse. Confirms perianal abscess. More antibiotics, doctor speculates a possible fistual track, and possible reoccurrence.

    Jan.2013: relapse. More antibiotics, referred to specialist. Specialist confirms fistula. How far? How deep? HOW BAD? Unknown. Surgical consultation on Jan.10.

    @JustinCooper & @fissure/fistula: thanks for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate it.

    When do things actually return to NORMAL?

    What I’m really afraid of is the inability to be fully functional.

    I’m set to be off for 2 weeks from work. I am a school teacher and I drive about 45 minutes a day to and from work. Is 2 weeks too soon of a return? Should I take more time off?

    Thank you guys again!

  86. 86 fissure/fistula January 9, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Sounds like a fistula, so they are like a tunnel/straw that has to be cut and laid open so it will heal/dry out, it can not heal in the tunnel form, that is why you keep getting infections. My fistula surgery was a piece of cake, had a painfree bowel movement right away the next day. An acquaintance of my friend just had one done and she took off 2 weeks only from work. I think you’ll be fine, just don’t lift anything, and soak in the bathtub a lot, especially after you go back to work.
    I’m in the USA and never was prescribed antibiotics, but my doctor claimed it won’t heal a fistula. Make sure you are on a good quality probiotic after all those antibiotics you have been on. You should always take 1 daily anyway.
    The parasite cleanse I went on was from http://www.drclark.net in case you don’t heal up….it’s just cloves, black walnut, wormwood, and 2 other items.

  87. 87 Justin Cooper January 9, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Hi ya pal.

    Everyone is different, and I’m not a doc. With me they left my wounds open so scar tissue could form. They left a hole about 5cm by 2cm wide, if surgeon does this sort of thing with you I’d be expecting more that two weeks off. As I couldn’t sit down much on normal seats till about four weeks, and yet that wasn’t real comfortable. Not painful, but just knew I couldn’t do that for a long time.

    I’m in Australia. My specialist told me not to take any antibiotics, which I’m pretty sure made things worse by the time I had my op. which I’m also sure is why I have to have a second op soon. Thank god it won’t be as severe as the first one.

    All honestly mate if you can take more than two weeks I would do it. My specialist said two weeks and id be fine, the district nurses just laughed when I told them that. So if anything I would take longer, makes healing so much better.

    While I was on the antibiotics I was having a few trips to the toilet a day, my bowels and muscles seem to be fine. They gave me a laxative to take as well. Personally I would to see how you’re going before taking them. I didn’t need to.

    The doc said to me that unless they have to cut out some muscle I would be fine. And I am. Like I said do all the right post op things and you’ll be fine. Just take things easy.

    They didn’t know how deep with mine till the surgery, but mine was fairly deep by the sounds of things. If you want to be grossed out there is a video clip of someone having it done on YouTube. Not me!! But that will give you the bottoms up!! I couldn’t watch it.

    Hope this all helps.

  88. 88 fissure/fistula January 9, 2013 at 3:52 am

    I’ve had 2 surgeries and if you looked “there” you would not be able to tell at all….I remember looking up those videos & photos and I had NOTHING like that….

  89. 89 EXTREMELY DISTRESSED January 9, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    @JustinCooper & @fissure/fistula:

    Thanks guys appreciate all the support and feedback.

    May I ask why you needed 2 surgeries?

    Are these prone to relapse after surgery?

    I know there are different reasons for the initial abscess to occur, but what causes them? And what’s stopping them from reoccurring after the surgery?

    How long are you bleeding on the pad for after surgery?

    Thanks again!

    My stress level is lowering slowly…

  90. 90 fissure/fistula January 9, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    I needed 2 surgeries because my fissure was so BAD, it had tore along a nerve and radiated and spasmed in my inner thigh, vagina, etc. Probably too much info lol, but it was BAD. I literally couldn’t stand, pick up a fork without my body having a spasm….that is why they cut the external sphincter muscle during fissure surgery: the muscle is in constant spasm.

    My ordeal began the beginning of October, didn’t have fissure surgery for 8 weeks, then had fistula surgery the following April.

    To first see what was wrong I went to have a colonoscopy (which was a piece of cake, even the prep so don’t be afraid to ever have one) but the next day after being diagnosed with a fissure IT REALLY SPASAMED!

    I was in horrendous pain, was referred to a surgeon who was horrible rude to me and he said I needed surgery and would be incontinent the rest of my life (I was 45 at the time) well, needless to say I laid on the couch and took about 5 hours a day of HOT baths, for a couple weeks not improving, losing weight, and then found another surgeron who ordered 2 MRI’s because in his 33 years he had never seen a fissure be so painful. (Had to lay on the waiting room floors as I couldn’t sit.) Tired Vicadin, Tramadol, one other…and nothing helped. I took Miralax about 4 times a day to keep my bm’s watery.

    My bladder also shut down a bit and I had a horrible time urinating.

    That surgeon referred me on to a different hospital where I heard a great review of a surgeon from someone in my city and I went to him, he was so kind and did the surgery 2 weeks later (he had a scheduled vacation, grrrrr).

    Today you cannot tell I had any surgery there, but there was a skin tag that had developed on the outside of my anus (my body tried to heal me from the outside because it couldn’t heal from the inside) Well that skin tag was very painful~! And he “forgot” or something! and didn’t remove it. My first bowel movement was in about 5 days and horrible because they told me to take fiber and go back to normal eating, I would recommend a LIGHT diet before surgery so you don’t have to have a heavy bm. I then developed a terrible infection, that was large and gross and burst on it’s own. THEN I felt better! The pain eased up.

    When I had the MRI’s they did see a pocket of fluid way in by my tailbone, which now they feel was an infection…but surgeon didn’t see it when he did the surgery otherwise he would have popped that…..

    But I never quit draining (that is what the pads are for: pus and bowel leakage (which will not be a lengthy time, but I had an infection) B-sure pads are great, Google them. They were about $9 from hospital pharmacy, they mailed me more when I needed some.

    So my infection was so bad it formed that fistula, had that surgery and he removed the skin tag and I did improve, but in September I still wasn’t 100%…so that is why I did that parasite cleanse.

    Now am 100% better, no pain AT ALL.

    Probably wayyy to much info, but want to help you out 🙂

    I don’t know why the initial abscess occurs, I woke up one morning with tailbone pain and it just went down hill from there, but when they did the mri’s they did see a pocket of fluid way up there.

    Not much for blood on the pads, just some pus will come out after surgery which is “normal” unless you have pain, lots of pus for a long period of time.

    Are you getting completely knocked out for surgery? Or just an appointment in the office with local anesthesia?

    You will be so relieved when it is done and will not have the pain like you did 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

  91. 91 EXTREMELY DISTRESSED January 10, 2013 at 2:00 pm


    Wow! Looks like you’ve been through a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience. It gives me some peace that I can get through this.

    Does the sitz bath sting/hurt like hell post surgery?

    How long until it actually fully seals up?

  92. 92 fissure/fistula January 10, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    I didn’t use a sitz as I was in such nerve pain thru my butt cheek, I barley could sit on a toilet, had to prop towels under my feet, etc. I used the bathtub alllll day long ha ha, and no it didn’t hurt or sting. The stitches actually dissolved by day 5 or 6 with my fissure surgery. For fistula surgery there were no stitches.

    Amazingly that area will form a healing skin layer, I forget that name of it, over the surgery spot and it will start to heal over. Eat healthy to heal: lots of fruits and veggies, water.

    My fissure surgery took me many days to be able to sit at my desk, probably 7 or more (I work at home), and it was 5 days till I had a bm. With my fistula surgery I had a bm the next day and was able to sit at desk for small periods of time the next day. You may need to prop a towel under your leg or something when you sit. Or a footstool under your desk to prop your feet on.
    Pain medication will constipate you so take a stool softener. I used Mira-lax, for a long time, but am off all that now.

  93. 93 Lawrence February 19, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Hi evry1 I’ve bin readng ur comments sims lik I hve th sme prob bt cnt diffrentiate btwin fistula nd abscess,nd it bin th 4 quite smetime now behind my anus left side of th bum,nd I went 2 th doc last yer, I thnk novmbr,nd thy jst injected me,on my my ass,nd inside th injection it was white thick liquid which me a pain whr by I coulndt wlk th followng day,nd thy gve me pill lovire 400,bt still they ddnt make any difference coz I still hve the abscees,nd I’m scared of gng 2 th doc,so I’ve bin tkng tips and advises myb if I cud use thm,myb I myt b heald,so I’m thnkg of using betadin ointment,coz smetimes it gets painful cnt sit or walk propely,and it bleeds,get swollen,nd its soft,sometimes I thnk of piercing it or put 2mch pressure on it using my fingers so it can burst,so I really dnt knw wt 2do plz guyz.

  94. 94 EXTREMELY DISTRESSED February 20, 2013 at 3:19 am

    You should go see a COLO-RECTAL SPECIALIST. They will be able to determine your solution. I had a perianal abscess myself, and was in denial about my situation, but I eventually had to face the music and see a specialist. I thought cleanliness and antibiotics was enough, but not so. I did have surgery on it a month ago, and everyone’s description here on the board was very accurate. That first week isn’t fun at all. My wound is still open but very very small now, it’s been 4 weeks, it’s almost closed and no pain or discomfort at all. To record my experience post surgery: week1: pain, discomfort, bleeding; week2: less pain, discomfort, bleeding; week3: no pain, some discomfort, spotting; week4: no pain, very very little discomfort, very very faint spotting if at all. Thank you everyone here for all your helpful advice. I pray for you and me for no more relapses.

  95. 95 fissure/fistula February 20, 2013 at 3:45 am

    Yes, Lawrence go see a specialist. You’ll be relieved once it’s taken care of. Extremely distressed: glad you are on the mend!

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  141. 141 Fistulasuck April 14, 2014 at 1:44 am

    hello there, nice to know you all. I also just got a fistulotomy a week ago, i have question for you all who gone thru this recovery process. I noticed that my wound is yellow and i just cannot get rid of the yellow color tissue. Is this part of the normal process? I called the nurse two days post op and she said its NORMAL and did not give me any more explanation. I just wonder if this is part of the recovery process? thanks.

  142. 142 BeenThere April 14, 2014 at 2:04 am

    @fistulasucks – hey buddy, keep an eye on it. If there’s no pain or discomfort aside from the surgical ones, don’t sweat it. Keep it clean, warm water in a site bath, run warm soapy water over it in the shower. Causes for concern is redness, inflamed around the area, accompanied with pain, and odor. Might be sign of infection. The wound now will take different looks over the next few weeks/months as it heals. GOOD LUCK!

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  147. 147 Cheyenne July 9, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    So I’m kinda nervous about posting this but I have no other plAce to turn to I’m 17and I was at a party one night I was drunk and did some things and now I have been having a lot of discharge from the anus and I have went to a obgyn doctor and he said I didn’t have any std but didn’t tell be what is wrong After a few days the discharge had stopped but then the next weekend It hurt to sit for Long periods of time and the discharge has come back much worse am I alone or has anyone else ever had this? The pain went away but I still have the discharge and discomfort and no one seems to know what’s wrong. Can someone please help me ?

  148. 148 fissure/fistula July 10, 2014 at 12:45 am

    I would think you possible got a tear that got infected and possible formed a fistula (or just a tear is a fissure)…..I would go to a Colorectal Surgen for an opinion and get it taken care of so you can heal and live life 🙂

  149. 149 Chris July 10, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Cheyenne, you may have a small tear internally. They can lead to fistula/abcess if they dont heal. For now just take stool softners for at least a week to 2 weeks & drink alot of water after a meal. if the pain gets bad where you arnt walking without a limp, go see the local colorectal surgeon. I had tear in sphincter & turned into a fistula cause i thought I’d be a hero & deal with the pain – bad move it got worse till i could no walk.

  150. 150 Brian August 11, 2014 at 4:00 am

    I can’t get over the number of us that have had doctors not take our pain seriously enough to assume for the fistula or abscess. I had to have an abscess burst before they actually looked at my ass. I had gone in several times and they insisted it’s just my Crohn’s flaring. They would just give me something else for the pain. Then it burst and they were basically freaking out at the size of the abscess and rushed be to a surgeon to have it incised and cleaned out. 3-4 days later and I’m still “leaking” and it hurts/burns to have a bowel movement. My guess is the fistula will need surgery. It’s this something that they put you under for or us it just the local anesthetic again?

  151. 151 fissure/fistula August 11, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    I was put out for both my surgeries, surgery room, had a fissure and then fistula….USA, good luck 🙂 I felt so much better when it was done, B-Sure anal pads are the greatest invention 🙂 Hospital pharmacy had those for about $9 a box. You can get them online too.

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    Wassup ya! Just got surgery today and now in the recovery process. After hearing all of your story’s I can say I’m a little relieve. Now I know what to do for the next week or so since after surgery it seems like they (the nurse and doctor) just wanted to patch me up and go with little information on what to do after the surgery.

    Thought why this has to happen to me plus having to tell my friends I’m having surgery on my ass! Wasn’t ashamed but got make fun of and I told them go ahead and laugh because this can happen to you! Unlike most of you I don’t have any pain when I take a shit. I can walk, run at the gym and do some lifting. Only pain I get is when I pop my abbess but that only last for couple of days. We’ll hope I heal soon because I have a bachelor to attend in Vegas in 3 weeks. Take care everybody!

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  164. 164 Fistula_dude January 28, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Hello y’all I have this pain in my butt between my tail bone and the anus. It looks like a bruising, I’ve had it for sometime now and when I went to the gp he diagnosed pruritus anus which is basically itching anus and prescribed a cream and deworming tabs coz I’m in Africa. I need pointing in the right direction if any of you having experienced anything similar

  165. 165 fbaddict February 15, 2015 at 7:20 pm


    I had my fistulotomy 4 weeks ago. It was extremely painful for a couple of weeks and very hard for me to use the bathroom. Now th pain has gone but my wound isnt completely healed and is still draining. If you can please tell me how long will it keep on draining.

    Also right next to the operation wound opening (which is still in healing process). I can feel another tube like lump on the skin. It could be a swelling as far as I know. Did you experienced it too? Or Could that be by any chance another abscess or fistula?

  166. 166 Justin Cooper February 15, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    Hi ya fbaddict. My wound took more than eight weeks to fully heal. Depends on the wound etc. did they put a drain in? That might be the tube like lump you feel. Take a photo of your but if you can. I did just to see how it’s was going. Though my country nurses kept me aware of how it was going. If you’re concerned go and see your gp. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve had three surgeries to remove mine fully. Wound didn’t stop draining till it was fully healed, you’ll know when it’s closing right over.

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  168. 168 Lyndsey July 24, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    I found this site a few years ago and I must say it’s helped me a tremendous amount. 32 yr old female, just had simple fistula surgery 3 days ago. So far I feel fine. Even walked to supermarket around the corner this morning! Writing here because I have freaked myself out over having this done for Maybe 3 years now, and I must say I am thrilled that it’s all over with. Went to bathroom right away next morning. Didn’t need pain meds that were prescribed, just took some Motrin. I only took a week off of work and will be going back in on Monday. Luckily I don’t have pain. I was told my incision was about 1 inch long, superficial. I am also a “tight ass” as told to me by my doctor. She’s right. I had stressed out so much that it definitely had something to do with the fistula.

    Recovery has been good so far. not too much blood, and some smelly brown liquid, but all in all I am told this is normal. I hate pads but they’re good to catch drainage. Booking a trip to Paris after all of this bullsh’t. I deserve it. And so does my husband for putting up with my craziness!

    Basically, if you’re worried about the surgery, don’t be. I am the biggest baby in the world (cried walking into op room, as well as months before surgery) so if I can do it, you can too!!

    I promise!

  169. 169 clint September 27, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    I was browsing this website before having my fistulotomy and saw many different cases. My nurse has warned me that the cases I see online might be on extreme side so they could be biased. But I did see many useful info and it helped me to have better preparation for my surgery 3 days ago. Both my surgeon and nurse told me it should take about 4-6 weeks to recover for my case. But I hope it would actually fall in that time range because it seems the average recovery time i saw online were significantly longer that that.

    For my case I think my fistula is still new. I found there was a tiny bump above my anus this April which hurts a little bit when I gave it some pressure and my primary doctor said it might be a cyst so I should just take more hot sitz bath and observe if it would get better. It seems the pain was gone in 2 or 3 weeks but I could still feel the bump. And this June the discomfort and mild pain came back again so my doctor referred me to a surgeon specialized in colon diseases. He said it was a peri anal abscess and it’s quite likely i already had a fistula. He drained that abscess in office and two weeks later he said the fistula was there because he did see a 2mm wide hole inside of my anal canal. So he suggested me to have a fistulotomy to avoid possible future complication.

    So I did my fistulotomy surgery this Thursday (3 days ago) and it happened to be my 30th bday (well it just happened i know). It seemed the surgery was a one stage fistulotomy without seton staged. Currently I do have some pain from time to time and I’m mostly only taking 400mg advil… My friend said I’m a bit tougher than I need to be for not taking the prescribed stronger pain killers but I fear that could cause constipation which may be unbearable during BM.
    I’m taking fiber gummy bear, try to eat more vegetable and drink lots of fluid to avoid constipation. But every time after BM I dare not to wipe too much so I showered before sitz bath to further clean that area.

    And yesterday I even went to watch a movie although I didn’t feel very comfortable for the last 30 mins because I might have been sitting for too long…

    So currently it seems everything goes smoothly and hopefully i could drive to work later next week.

    I’ll keep updating my status so hopefully my case is a typical regular case for people to reference.


  170. 170 anddrreyannah November 20, 2015 at 6:40 pm


  171. 171 Anonymous February 24, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    I don’t even know where to begin. I just had my 3rd fistula repair on the 5th of February. It’s the 23rd and it had stopped hurting and now the pain is bad again. Will it ever get any better.

  172. 172 Brian February 25, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    It will. Mine ended up taking 3 months with several surgeries, but I’ve been great for over a year since. It does start to make you feel helpless and hopeless, but it will get better.

  173. 173 Anonymous February 25, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    You possible could have a fistula again?? Mine was associated with nerve pain and that took 3 years to finally go away, for example: walking up an incline, trying on shoes with heals, moving heavy furniture, it wasn’t that I was re-infected, just nerve pain. Good luck! Soaking in a hot tub helped me also.

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