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3 weeks later

It’s been 3 weeks since the surgery and things are looking good. The wound has been healing well and is now visibly smaller.

Here is a picture

One night it got really itchy and the next day the nurse decided to give me a different type of packing which is a brown colour and sortof disolves in the wound. I swear, 2 days of using this new packing and you can see the improvement.

Apparently this packing contains chemicals somehow related to silver (I didn’t listen very well) and it actively kills the bacteria in the wound…

I am also using a much smaller bandage now, I hardly even notice it.

Anyway I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. Still not in any pain when having a bowel movement or just going about my daily business. It’s a massive giant fucking weight off my shoulders.

Again, if you have a problem down there.. GO TO A DOCTOR!